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The World’s Largest Wine Exporting Countries By Value, In 2018

France tops the list of the world’s largest wine exporting countries by value in 2018, that’s according to the CEOWORLD magazine report. France’s wine exports in 2018 brought $11 billion – significantly ahead of its nearest export rival – Italy. ­Italy wine export value amounted to approximately $7.3 billion that year.

France’s other neighbors in the ranking of 2018 were Spain – 3rd place ($3.5 billion), 7th place Germany ($1.2 billion), Belgium 19th place ($186.6 million), Switzerland 23rd place ($131.6 million), and Luxembourg – 37th ($27.9 million).

The third place in the ranking is occupied by Spain, for which wine exports generated revenues of more than $3.5 billion. Australia, which earned over $2.2 billion in exports, ranked fourth, and Chile ranked fifth with over $2 billion.

Rounding out the ten largest wine exporting countries is the United States ($1.4 billion), Germany ($1.2 billion), New Zealand ($1.2 billion), Portugal ($1,014.8 million), and the United Kingdom ($823.5 million). The Business magazine presented a list of the 68 largest wine exporting nations in the world as of the end of 2018.

The world largest wine exporting countries, 2018

RankExporterWine Exports
1France$11055.9 million
2Italy$7324.0 million
3Spain$3494.0 million
4Australia$2160.2 million
5Chile$1999.1 million
6United States$1448.1 million
7Germany$1234.5 million
8New Zealand$1202.0 million
9Portugal$1014.8 million
10United Kingdom$823.5 million
11Argentina$819.5 million
12South Africa$781.8 million
13Singapore$503.5 million
14Hong Kong$436.9 million
15Netherlands$380.9 million
16Austria$217.4 million
17Georgia$196.9 million
18Lithuania$188.3 million
19Belgium$186.6 million
20Denmark$176.1 million
21Hungary$146.1 million
22Moldova$137.9 million
23Switzerland$131.6 million
24Latvia$104.5 million
25Greece$97.6 million
26Canada$66.6 million
27North Macedonia$60.2 million
28Israel$47.0 million
29United Arab Emirates$46.8 million
30Thailand$42.3 million
31Ukraine$39.8 million
32Slovakia$38.1 million
33Bulgaria$37.0 million
34Sweden$36.3 million
35Romania$36.0 million
36.Estonia$30 million
37Luxembourg$27.9 million
38Finland$25.2 million
39Czech Republic$24.7 million
40Poland$22.2 million
41Lebanon$21.0 million
42Uruguay$20.9 million
43Serbia$20.2 million
44Malaysia$19.1 million
45Croatia$19.0 million
46Slovenia$17.6 million
47Montenegro$15.7 million
48Ireland$15.4 million
49Turkey$10.1 million
50Belarus$9.9 million
51Armenia$9.4 million
52Brazil$9.0 million
53India$8.9 million
54Norway$7.8 million
55Azerbaijan$7.7 million
56Russia$7.5 million
57Ghana$6.1 million
58Mexico$5.6 million
59Bosnia Herzegovina$4.1 million
60Namibia$3.1 million
61Cyprus$3.0 million
62Japan$2.5 million
63Kenya$1.7 million
64Peru$1.3 million
65Fiji$1.1 million
66Malta$1.1 million
67Mauritius$1.0 million
68Indonesia$1.0 million


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - The World’s Largest Wine Exporting Countries By Value, In 2018
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