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The Top 30 Largest Foreign Holders of U.S. Treasury Debt: Japan Surpasses China

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For the first time since May 2017, Japan has surpassed China as the top foreign holders of U.S. Treasury securities. Japan and China are the top two foreign holders of U.S. Treasury securities as of June 2019, that’s according to data provided by the CEOWORLD magazine. There are $6.3 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities that are being held by foreign countries.

In June of this year, the Japanese owned $1,122.9 billion in U.S Treasury securities, and the Chinese owned $1,112.5 billion. China and Japan, account for around a third of the total value of treasuries held by foreign countries.

Other major countries holding U.S. treasuries include the United Kingdom ($341.1 billion), Brazil ($311.7 billion), Ireland ($262.1 billion), Switzerland ($232.9 billion), Luxembourg ($231 billion), Cayman Islands ($226.6 billion), Hong Kong ($215.6 billion), and Belgium ($203.6 billion).

U.S. Treasury securities held by entities in Hong Kong are counted separately from those in Mainland China. According to the Treasury’s estimate, entities in Hong Kong-owned $215.6 billion in U.S. Treasury securities in June.

These Are the Major Foreign Holders of U.S. Treasury Securities

  • Japan: $1,122.9 billion
  • China: $1,112.5 billion
  • United Kingdom: $341.1 billion
  • Brazil: $311.7 billion
  • Ireland: $262.1 billion
  • Switzerland: $232.9 billion
  • Luxembourg: $231 billion
  • Cayman Islands: $226.6 billion
  • Hong Kong: $215.6 billion
  • Belgium: $203.6 billion
  • Saudi Arabia: $179.6 billion
  • Taiwan: $175.1 billion
  • India: $162.7 billion
  • Singapore: $139.6 billion
  • France: $131.6 billion
  • Korea: $115.2 billion
  • Canada: $111.6 billion
  • Norway: $99.3 billion
  • Thailand: $83.8 billion
  • Germany: $79.2 billion
  • Bermuda: $73.9 billion
  • United Arab Emirates: $51.5 billion
  • Sweden: $49.4 billion
  • Mexico: $49 billion
  • Netherlands: $47.9 billion
  • Italy: $45.4 billion
  • Kuwait: $44.4 billion
  • Spain: $42.6 billion
  • Israel: $39.5 billion
  • Australia: $39.2 billion
  • Iraq: $34.7 billion
  • Colombia: $31.1 billion

All Other: $517.7 billion

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