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5 Myths about Handmade Clothing Debunked

In this world of mass-produced fashion, buying handmade clothing often feels like an outdated choice. Though not everyone shares the same opinion, there are many apprehensions about handmade clothing which people have. These apprehensions often lead to the development of many unfounded theories about this type of clothing—and it is these unfounded theories or myths which I am going to bust in this article.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 myths about handmade clothing which seriously affect your choices. If you read this article with an open mind, perhaps you will realize that not everything you hear in the media or on the grapevine is true; and that you need to do your own research before believing anything.

So, with the aforementioned note, let us take a look at 5 such myths and start to not believing in them.

  1. Expect Bad Quality.
    I think even if you buy branded clothing you are not 100 percent assured of good quality. From my own personal experience, I have come across many such purchases which ended up making me regret. So, narrowing this notion down to just one category of clothing is highly arbitrary.
    Many of us picture handmade clothing being made by unskilled workers under a debilitated house (I am not sure why people imagine in such extremes). Honestly, this is quite a ridiculous imagination and makes no sense at all. Handmade clothing means that machines do not produce them. In fact, making handmade clothing is not a mechanical process and much thought and efforts go into it.
    Of course, you may come across handmade clothing of poor quality, but do not generalize it to every handmade clothing that exists.
  2. Handmade Clothing Is Outdated
    Yes, I agree that the fashion industry has become highly mechanized, resulting in computer-level intelligence and dexterity. But, this, by any means, does not make handmade clothing a redundant affair.|
    Today, many great fashion designers across the globe believe deeply in the beauty of handmade clothing. Some of the best fashion clothing you would see out there would most likely be handmade. One can do more detailing and add more layers to clothes when done handmade, something you would not readily get from machine-produced clothing.
    Today, celebrities love ordering handmade dresses and suits for themselves because these clothing add class and allow them the freedom to wear the kind of design which they feel is best for them.

  3. They Are Expensive
    See, it depends. Made to measure clothing often falls on the expensive side, but this is not always the case. It depends on what you are purchasing. If you are purchasing a designer handmade suit, then it is presumptuous of you to expect that you would get a cheap deal. However, with the advent of e-commerce and increase in brick-and-mortar shops packed together in malls and complexes, it has become easier to buy handmade clothing. This accessibility has enabled a significant reduction in prices.
    So, it is an overstretch to say that handmade clothing is necessarily expensive.
  4. Just For Select Occasions
    I believe much of this myth comes from the preceding myth that handmade clothing is expensive. If clothing is expensive, you would most likely wear it on special occasions.
    As I wrote before, there has been a remarkable increase in shops and websites which readily sell handmade clothing. You can very easily find reasonably priced handmade clothing suited for your requirements.
    So, long gone are the days when you would remove your newly made suit from the perfectly clipped polythene bag which you had tucked deep inside your wardrobe for a very special occasion!
  5. Not An Easy Find
    After all that I have written, I think it is rather pointless to talk about this myth in great detail. I have already mentioned that you need not look hard to find a decent handmade clothing outlet. You can find an offline or online store from wherever you are. You can go and purchase the clothing on your own or have it delivered.

The bottom line is, which I have kind of already stated before, that handmade clothing is easily accessible. Moreover, e-commerce and shopping complexes allow you to compare products from different handmade clothing brands for wise decision-making.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - 5 Myths about Handmade Clothing Debunked

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