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World’s Most Disgusting Foods

There are culinary cultures in the world that are too good to resist, and then there are those that are incite absolute disgust and ridicule. Humans have been on this planet long enough to have a story of the best and the worst kinds, and along the journey have found their sustenance through the absolute best and the absolute worst methods. While there is no true need to go looking for a new taste in the modern world, there are foods still in existence, and still served to the absolute bravest of them all, that may not float your boat in terms of taste buds and aroma. But if you have the heart for it, and the lust for travel, these are the 10 most disgusting foods the world has to offer. They are not for your taste buds, rather your bravery.

  1. Salo, Ukraine
    Fat from mutton is cut into slabs, smoked and then stored in a cool environment for a year, and then eaten raw. You may love the fat on the meat, but eating it raw after being stored in a quiet place for a year may be slightly more than you can handle.
  2. Huitlacoche, Mexico
    If you found a badly diseased corncob with black fungal growth all over it like a tumor, you would not think second about throwing it. But if you are in Mexico, it can be served to you in a platter. The local voice claims that the earthly flavor is worthy of a taste once.
  3. White Ant Egg Soup, Laos
    Known locally as the Gaeng Kai Mot Daeng, this is a simple soup prepared from eggs of the white and and a few live ants sprinkled in for a more sour experience. What you get is a sharp, yet smooth taste that is loaded with nutrients. All you have to do is to dare eat it.
  4. Deep Fried Tarantulas, Cambodia
    This is one of those delicacies that was discovered by sheer desperation than anything else. Native Cambodians who were forced into starvation under Khmer Rouge rule came up with this idea and it has picked up since. It has now turned into a popular snack.
  5. Balut, Phillipines
    A half developed duck embryo that is boiled and served with a pinch of salt and vinegar. If this sounds like your cup of coffee, you start with punching a hole at the top, suck out the liquid within, and finish off the Balut by munching on the half developed duckling inside.
  6. Shirako, Japan
    Japan loves fishes, and in this delicacy, the sperm sacks of cod, angler fish or puffer fish are eaten with veggies, as you might expect. The name literally means “white children”. We’d leave you to check out the taste yourself, and as many things Japanese, it won’t disappoint.
  7. Bull Penis, China
    Although the name sounds gross itself, the actual dish is really a revelation. Boasting of lean protein and sinewy meat, Bull or animal penis is kind of a specialty in the culinary culture of China. You can eat penises of most animals there, including that of a snake. If this doesn’t fuel up your crazy taste buds, nothing will.
  8. Century Eggs, Pan Asia
    The recipe for century eggs is quite simple. You take a regular boiled egg and let it rot in a mixture of salt, quicklime, clay, ash and rice hulls for a period of weeks to several months. What you get as a result is a foul smelling egg that reeks of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. If you can have the heart to eat it, it will be an experience.
  9. Mouse Wine, China, Korea
    People who get tired of mice in Korea and China simply take their babies that are 2 days old into a jar of with rice wine and then they are left to ferment for nearly a year. What you get in return is wine that tastes like gasoline and is thought to cure asthma. The mice that are left are edible too.
  10. Su Callu Sardu, Sardinia
    What you have here is the stomach of a baby goat, tied to a rope and left to ferment with the entirety of its contents intact, (like the milk from its mother). The end result is cheese that needs to age for months on end, before being eaten with regular bread. Optionally, the stomach can also be fried and eaten..

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - World’s Most Disgusting Foods
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