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Revealed: Richest Self-Made Women In The United States , 2019 (25 Female Billionaires)

Meg Whitman

Diane Hendricks has emerged as the richest self-made women in the United States, with a fortune considerably larger than Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, and Safra Catz. Diane Hendricks is worth a staggering $7 billion, according to Forbes magazine most recent 2019 list.

Meg Whitman places second in the rankings, with an estimated net worth of $3.8 billion. Whitman is followed by Marian Ilitch (No. 3; $3.7 billion), Judy Faulkner (No. 4; $3.6 billion), and Thai Lee (No. 5; $3 billion).

With an estimated net worth of $1 billion, 22-year-old reality-television star Kylie Jenner is the youngest in the rankings, ranked 23 on the list. Serena Williams is the first athlete to ever make business magazine’s list of richest self-made women in the United States. Forbes defines the term “self-made” as anyone who did not inherit any or all of their fortune.

Among the 80 successful self-made women selected, 25 of them are billionaires. Here are the richest self-made women in the United States, 2019.

RankNameNet Worth
1Diane Hendricks$7 billion
2Meg Whitman$3.8 billion
3Marian Ilitch$3.7 billion
4Judy Faulkner$3.6 billion
5Thai Lee$3 billion
6Judy Love$2.9 billion
7Lynda Resnick$2.8 billion
8Johnelle Hunt$2.7 billion
9Doris Fisher$2.7 billion
10Oprah Winfrey$2.6 billion
11Elaine Wynn$2.4 billion
12Sheryl Sandberg$1.7 billion
13Peggy Cherng$1.7 billion
14Katie Rodan$1.5 billion
15Gail Miller$1.5 billion
16Kathy Fields$1.5 billion
17Jin Sook Chang$1.5 billion
18Jayshree Ullal$1.4 billion
19Eren Ozmen$1.4 billion
20Alice Schwartz$1.3 billion
21Anastasia Soare$1.2 billion
22Safra Catz$1.1 billion
23Neerja Sethi$1 billion
24Kylie Jenner$1 billion
25Sara Blakely$1 billion
26Weili Dai$960 million
27Christel DeHaan$950 million
28Kit Crawford$890 million
29Tory Burch$850 million
30Young Sohn$840 million
31Sheila Johnson$820 million
32Nancy Zimmerman$740 million
33Anne Wojcicki$690 million
34Anne Dinning$680 million
35Marissa Mayer$620 million
36Huda Kattan$610 million
37Rihanna$600 million
38Theresia Gouw$580 million
39Madonna$570 million
40Kendra Scott$550 million
41Mary West$530 million
42Carolyn Rafaelian$520 million
43Victoria Zoellner$500 million
44Susan Wojcicki$490 million
45Vera Wang$460 million
46Celine Dion$450 million
47Judy Sheindlin$440 million
48Jamie Kern Lima$440 million
49Adi Tatarko$430 million
50Donna Karan$430 million
51Barbra Streisand$400 million
52Beyoncé Knowles$400 million
53Nora Roberts$390 million
54Janice Bryant Howroyd$390 million
55Katrina Lake$380 million
56Danielle Steel$375 million
57Therese Tucker$370 million
58Kim Kardashian West$370 million
59Kathleen Hildreth$370 million
60Taylor Swift$360 million
61Neha Narkhede$360 million
62Liz Elting$350 million
63Belinda Johnson$330 million
64Ellen DeGeneres$330 million
65Martine Rothblatt$320 Mmillion
66Pleasant Rowland$310 million
67Jessica Iclisoy$310 million
68Sonia Gardner$310 million
69Lynda Weinman$300 million
70Patricia Miller$300 million
71Ashley Chen$300 million
72Whitney Wolfe Herd$290 million
73Susan Wagner$280 million
74Karissa Bodnar$275 million
75Toni Ko$270 million
76Marcia Page$250 million
77Reese Witherspoon$240 million
78Suzy Batiz$240 million
79Angela Ahrendts$230 million
80Serena Williams$225 million

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