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Top 7 Principles to Apply for Creative Startups

The growing overall financial boom, along with technological development, has led to the startup culture emerge quite fruitfully. A lot of young and ambitious students are aspiring to become startups and fulfill their dreams to become management leaders.

Many of them are coming up with innovative business ideas which revolutionized the daily living and also downright creative.

Compared to typical startups, creative startups have a unique mindset and exclusive ideas to bring out something interesting. Such challenging startups need some top principles to be followed.

Here are the top seven principles to apply for creative startups to make the business more productive and profitable:

  1. Fearless Ideas: Do not shun off any ideas to be unattainable or impossible to achieve. We never know which idea might click in the world of business. Your mediocre idea might revolutionize the market because of the simplicity of the great aspects it offers. In short, do not fear to put out an interesting idea on paper and develop on it!
  2. Big Concepts: A small creative startup doesn’t mean the scale of the idea should be small enough. Try out bigger ideas which might actually increase the scope of the business. Embrace any idea irrespective of the magnitude of it. Remember the biggest positive principle in business- Think big!

  3. Impressive Workspace: A creative workspace needs something ticking all the time to keep the employees motivated and charged up. Monotony and boredom kill new ideas and thoughts. Hence, focus on keeping your workspace quite novel and contemporary. Try to blend a rooted traditional look with modern ideologies to give an interesting makeover to your workplace!
  4. Encourage Interactions: Creativity actually grows tenfold with additional ideas and new viewpoints from different people. Welcome the employees and your core team to come up with exclusive ideas which bring a spark in them. Right from creating a new product or adding on to an existing product, encourage active interactions between the team. At the same time, make sure the interactions are healthy and productive- instead of being daggers on or being argumentative or debate way.

  5. Focus on Core Principles: Every startup- whether creative or not needs to focus on core principles which stands out from the other competitors in the market. It becomes the biggest USP for your product in the market.  The core principles need to be experimental and also unique which are completely original and appealing. It also adds up to the brand value of the startup.
  6. Bend the Rules: A creative startup needn’t be too stringent or boring with a lot of rules to follow by. While the rules should be helping the employees to be disciplined and dedicated, they shouldn’t limit the creative imagination. The vivid ideas which are untarnished by any other confusing thought is a must for a creative brand to flourish.
  7. The tradeoff between Profit and Innovation: When an innovative product idea props us, also think about how well the product might sustain in the market. The profitability scale of a product idea needs to be given an additional emphasis on.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - Top 7 Principles to Apply for Creative Startups

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