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Top Spicy Dishes To Try Around The World

The society is divided over a lot but still seems to be connected somehow. Delicious food, being something that has always brought people together, seems to also divide sometimes, as it creates sections of society with different tastes and preferences. Spicy food seems to do this job quite well.

On one hand, there are people who will literally burn their mouths off, with tears in their eyes, but seal an everlasting smile on their lips, to eat the spiciest food there is available. Then there are those who cannot even handle the mildest of spices and are shocked to see a spice lover straight up eat a raw ghost pepper, just for kicks.

The following is a list curated for the spice lovers, encompassing the best of the spiciest dishes that one needs to try to have an experience of a lifetime.

  1. Sichuan Hot-Pot.
    Mainly of Mongolian and Chinese origin, hot-pot dishes are quite common to come across in these countries, but nothing beats the fiery experience that Sichuan hot-pots manage to provide. The hot-pots are served in metal bowls, as it is said it can burn its way out of any other material. It is, basically, boiling hot broth with garlic, onion, and Sichuan peppers, with a mix of vegetables and meat. If one has the bizarre fantasy to gasp for breath after every bite of something dangerously delicious, this dish will be there to satisfy them.

  2.  Sik Sik Wat.
    A beef stew or even chicken marinated with one of the hottest pastes, made from chili pepper, paprika, and fenugreek, which is also served atop a crepe-like, spongy pancake known as Injera bread, this Ethiopian dish, will leave mouths in a confused state of watering and burning at the same time. The red paste used to marinate can be used in several other dishes to make a spice lover cry with delightfulness.

  3. Suicide Chicken Wings.
    Unlike other dishes in the list, these may not have a specific recipe. Do not mistake them for your every day, all-time favorite hot wings available in almost every deli. They have the word “suicide” in their name for a reason, as the fatal combination of Tabasco sauce, pepper flakes, raw chilies, and the varying special ingredient of habanero or ghost pepper will make one experience what cartoon characters must have felt blowing fire straight out of their mouths.

  4. Phaal Curry.
    If one prides themselves as being mostly unaffected by the hotness of chilies, why not make it official, as after eating the whole bowl of this Asian-British fusion curry, unbeatable at its spot of the hottest curry in the world, one actually gets a recognized certificate. This curry has a blend of 10 spices, even Bhut Jolokia, world’s hottest, with scotch bonnet as well. At some places, the chef has to put on a gas mask to prepare this absolute weapon of delicacy.

Spicy food may not be for all, but for the few, it is heaven, except that it burns like hell. It is shocking to even think that the torment one feels while eating hot and spicy food is considered pleasurable. The spices used in these delicacies are also considered good for one’s health, as they help in weight loss, maintains heart health, and even prevents cancer at some level. But as the excess of everything always turns out to be bad, too much spicy food will have one spilling their guts out in the bathrooms. So, make sure to take care of your health while you delve in the aforementioned top 5 spicy dishes to try around the world

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Top Spicy Dishes To Try Around The World
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