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Four Ways You Can Still Grow Your Business Without AI

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence or AI is becoming an asset that many businesses wouldn’t want to overlook. This is due to the fact that AI is supposed to provide cost-effective and convenient solutions to businesses that want to use AI technology as potential leverage for growth.

Indeed, experts are looking at how AI could cost the jobs of millions of workers. The fear of displacement has shaken up entire labor markets, especially in outsourcing centers across the Asia-Pacific region.

Without a doubt, digital transformation is an unstoppable force and businesses will need to depend on AI for scaling their operations as they compete for a larger market share — or should they?

Sure, there are tasks that are better automated, but there are still aspects of your operations that still need the hands of people.

That said, here’s how you can continue growing your business without investing in costly AI solutions.

Outsource your activities

Despite the challenge that AI poses, outsourced services providers are still very much pervasive. This comes as countries in Asia — particularly India and the Philippines — are beginning to invest more in technology and education. Without a doubt, these areas remain relevant markets for outsourced services that have numerous advantages over AI-driven virtual assistants in terms of cost and quality. For sure, customer care is better handled by real people, so you might as well hire the right telemarketing company to help you with nurturing your customer base.

Focus on digital marketing 

Promoting your business online is a surefire way to get people interested in the services and products that you offer. For this, you will need to create digital marketing campaigns that make use of educational and engaging content. Though AI may help you with this in some respects, you still have to admit that human creativity is much more potent. That being said, you will need to focus more on planning and running your digital marketing campaigns involving graphics that were made from scratch. After all, there’s a big difference if the content is created by an actual human.

Train your staff

Instead of focusing on AI adoption, you might as well help your staff learn new skills that are crucial to emerging disruptions in your industry. Upskilling is not only an essential survival strategy that employees will have to go through, it’s also something that businesses should underscore as they grow. That said, you should be able to sponsor training sessions where your employees can learn skills that, in turn, add value to your growing business.

Look to the human side of the business

AI may seem cool to some, but when it comes to getting the best solutions for their needs, customers will want to engage companies that aren’t run by robots! That said, you should also give your audience a good idea of the culture you have nurtured within the organization. This will surely help your business in terms of nurturing trust and building a loyal customer base.

AI has yet to come full circle. For now, it will never replace the value that humans can provide for stimulating business growth.

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Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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