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How To Decorate Your Phone And Make It Look Classy

Phone covers undoubtedly shield our phone but decorating those covers enhances the beauty of the phone itself. It also renders a sense of belongingness to your phone. There are numerous ways to decorate your phone some of which I have compiled as under.

  1. Use washi tape for decoration
    You can stick washi tape the way you want, vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. You can get wide options available online as well as in your nearby craft store. You can apply washi tapes in the border, corners or the central part but don’t use it in excess, as it will ruin the show.
  2. Spray paint the cover-
    In case you don’t like the color of your phone, just spray paint over the case with your favorite one. Firstly, take the cover off your phone, spray the color inside the cover, let it dry and then put it again. This will give you a feel of owning a new phone without actually investing in another one.
  3. Combination of the two-
    You can combine the aforementioned options. Washi tapes come in different sizes. Don’t hesitate to use wider as well as the narrower ones. Stick the way you want and spray your favorite color on the rest of the case (securing the tapes at the same time). If you don’t have washi tape, you can simply use transparent tapes, spray the color and then remove the tape. This also looks elegant.
  4. Use stickers to decorate your phone-
    Use 3-4 small stickers or a big one at the back. Don’t try to cover up the whole back as it will look tacky. If you are using smaller ones, try to use that resemble one another and give you a theme. It will look odd if you choose any random stickers.
  5. To be on a safer side, use self-adhesive rhinestones-
    I have called it ‘safer’ because these can be removed as and when you desire or just in case, you don’t like the final look. The rhinestone sheets are available with the two options, one with the individual rhinestones and the other with predesigned ones. If you want to create your design, then opt for the individual one, or else, the predesigned ones are already there.
  6. A transparent case and a printed image-
    This is the most pocket-friendly option in my opinion. You just need a transparent case and a printed image of your choice. Cut it and keep it a bit larger than your phone. Do the required cuttings of camera and flash. Place it face-down into the case, fit your phone in the case and you are done. You can do it even if your mind doesn’t function in such creative stuff. The same way you can use laces that surely give an elegant look to your phone.
  7. Use options like tattoos and ‘charm’ to enhance the charm of your phone-
    Two types of charms are available, one that sways from a string and the other that plugs into the audio jack. Use whatever you like and suits your personality.
    Use a temporary tattoo on your phone’s back. Apply a coat of transparent decoupage glue, wait about 30 minutes for the decoupage to dry, and then apply a second coat.
  8. Use crystal alloys for the actual classy look-
    You can use such kind of crystal alloys that resembles your interests. If you are a music lover, you can choose this music note accessory and if you are a dance lover, go for this ballet girl dancing gem crystal alloy. If neither suits you, explore something of your interest.
  9. Such plasticine items are worth trying-
    An innovative way for embellishing your phone cover is to use plasticine roses or any other design of your choice. It’s quite attractive and simple to implement. Just stick it with hot glue on your phone case.
  10. Using nail art beads and gems for your phone! Exciting, isn’t it?
    Yes, you can use it too. These miniature rhinestones and these glittering gemstones are enough to give your phone glossy look. I repeat, don’t use it in excess.

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