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5 Surprising Reasons You Don’t Get The Grades You Deserve

All of us must be familiar with the situation where we put in the efforts but end up scoring low in our examinations. It is essential to know why you fail to secure good grades so that you can work upon the pointers and finally score well.

Following are the top 5 reasons you are not able to get the grades you deserve.

  1. Overconfidence
    Over-confidence is the most common problem a student faces while preparing for an exam. Although being under-confident is not a very healthy approach either, but overconfidence causes a lot of issues as well.
    For starters, because of overconfidence, a person stops taking their exams seriously and ends up getting lower marks than expected.Overconfidence can also take a toll on your thinking abilities when a ‘trick question’ comes in your exam. It doesn’t let you think critically enough, and you end up not solving it with the correct approach.
  2. Not studying systematically
    It frequently happens that after gathering the study material, one fails to study it properly. Feeling accomplished after collecting notes is a familiar feeling, but we often forget that collecting class notes is just a start, and one needs to focus on studies right after that.Not studying systematically is a massive problem because we often are not aware of the method required to study a subject. Although there is no straight jacket solution for the method of studying, but one needs to figure it out by having a word with the professors or taking help from the seniors.
  3. Procrastination
    Procrastination is when you keep delaying your work for no reason, and this happens a lot with students. You promise yourself that you would start studying at a particular time, but when you sit to study, you waste your time mostly on your smartphone, watching some show or texting people. You need to follow your schedule, work accordingly, and not waste time. Procrastination has been considered to be one of the primary reasons why students fail to score good marks in their examinations. Put in all you have got to get rid of procrastination, and you would at least be able to go through your study material, trying to grasp information.
  4. Mismanagement
    Most of us suck at proper planning and sticking to it. We fail to figure out the amount of time we need to devote to a particular subject and often end up spending more time where it wasn’t required. We fail to understand our capabilities well, and that leads to lesser marks. The lines at which one prepares for the examination can be misdirected as well. Last-minute studies never help. You need to start preparing right from the first day and attend lectures regularly at the same time. Going through the study material and preparing notes can also be a huge advantage.
  5. Bad influence
    At university, you meet a variety of people. You get to learn a lot, and you practically spend more than half of your time with them. You learn to adapt their habits and their ways. You may also meet people who consume illegal substances. While you may become friends with them, make sure you do not indulge in such substances since they can massively affect your grades. You are there to study and secure career, so do focus on that. Addiction to any substance can lower your concentration and make you procrastinate your studies. So if you are affected by any influence like that, you should realize how harmful it can be to your grades and your career. Get rid of the addiction and aim at scoring well.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, retrospection is the way to go if you are unable to figure out where you are going wrong with your studies. Remember that hard work pays off no matter what. Also, marks are not criteria to judge someone’s abilities, but you cannot ignore the benefits of securing good marks. So, do make it a point to stay wary of the pointers above and work hard with proper planning so that you can succeed in building a successful career out of your studies!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - 5 Surprising Reasons You Don’t Get The Grades You Deserve
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