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How to improve landing page performance?

The landing page concept has as many supporters as opponents. The supporters are touting about the benefits of having a landing page such as higher conversion rate, better targeting or improving customer trust. On the other hand, the opponents don’t see them as such a miracle-working tool and have rather skeptical approach towards them. And which group is right?

As a matter of fact – landing pages are awesome so the supporters seem to be right. They can really make a difference to your online business. However, you must know how to exploit full potential out of them. Many entrepreneurs give up on them after realising that their landing page performance is rather poor and does not bring any value to the business. And in that case opponents can raise their hands. But in most cases the fault is in a poor quality of a landing page, not in the concept itself.

If it was concept to blame there wouldn’t be all those stories of success due to creating landing pages. However, in order to be valuable for your online business it has to perform well. And to do so it has to be like an impeccable business card. Otherwise, it won’t work miracles. And how to improve landing page performance?

Ways to improve landing page performance

There are a large number of ways to improve landing page performance and optimize your landing page. Let me quote you the most crucial and effective ones which increase the quality of yours and make it impeccable.

Planning the structure

First of all, you have to take care of your landing page structure. At the top there always should be something catchy what will grab attention at the very first glance and make visitors want to explore more. It should be both a catchy headline and an image that will speak in right words to the targeted visitors.

Providing the right content

Moreover, you need to put in right content on your landing page. Remember about all necessary elements it should have that will reinforce the desire of the potential customers to use your product or service. Your landing page has to tell your visitors that your product will solve all their problems and fulfil their needs.

Moreover, if you take care of the content, both on the landing page and the business website, you can increase your customer retention rate as the customers will perceive you as an expert in the field and be more prone to repurchase. Two birds with one stone.

Getting rid of pop ups

I think we all know how frustrating pop ups can be. And even though they are supposed to advertise a product they usually rather discourage to buy anything. Moreover, they make websites load slower what is repulsive for the visitors. They are also associated rather with low quality in-your-face advertising so they won’t bring any value to your business.

Taking care of mobile friendliness

In the era of smartphones and tablets you cannot omit such a crucial action as adjusting your landing page to every type of device. Truth being told, nowadays people usually browse the Internet with their smartphones as they are constantly connected and are able to do it in metro or at a bus stop. Make sure your landing page looks awesome on computers, tablets and mobiles in order not to drive anyone away.

Search engine optimization

SEO is not only important when it comes to blog posts but it also should be taken into consideration when creating a landing page. If your landing page is not optimized for search engines it may not be beneficial at all for your business. Your landing page should have its own unique tag and Meta description. The most important phrases should be captured in headlines as Google perceive them as most crucial on the site. Otherwise, your landing page will not stand out of the competition at all. And we both it does not do any good for the business.

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Anna Papadopoulos

Anna Papadopoulos

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