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Amazing Yacht Charter Destinations in Asia

Gone are the days when yachting meant only the western side of the world which had better water currents and facilities. Asia has been catching up quite admirably in terms of giving mesmerizing travel experiences to the global traveler. And the best news is, it is budget-friendly to yacht around in Asia!

With super friendly crowd which is comfortable in speaking English, the global traveler wouldn’t have any problem to stay in Asia for an ideal vacation. Moreover, the inexplicable natural beauty of Asia and its versatility in terms of landscapes and terrains is another added attraction for yachters to flock here.

Here are some of the amazing yacht charter destinations which you cannot afford to miss in Asia:

  1. Andaman Islands, India: Have a greatest escape with a yacht trip in Andaman Islands, which are surrounded by nothing but pristine turquoise beaches, lush wildlife including dolphins, turtles and what not? Over three hundred islands sum up the Andaman with raveling beauty waiting to be explored by the global traveler. The lost jungle city of Ross is more of the wilder side but for a dash of luxury, Havelock is a perfect choice. Spend your days in a dreamy fashion with turtle spotting, lightening dance around the volcanoes and sporting activities like Kayaking as well during the yacht travel. Nikolas M., charter broker at Cosmos Luxury Yachts, commented “Asia is an increasingly important and growing market for luxury yachts and we are seeing the region become ever more popular as a yachting destination. As the infrastructure and regulations improve we want to be in a key position to respond to the growing local demand.”

  2. Komodo National Park, Indonesia: This park was created to save the Komodo Dragons and comprises of 26 islands close to Flores. The destination is greatly known for the mythical creature which is staggeringly 10 feet long. Beyond it, the place also has pink sands, forest draped hills and warm waters to yacht around. In short, Komodo is a nature lover’s paradise.

  3. Krabi, Thailand: To get a picture-perfect image of how beautiful Thailand can be, visit Krabi. Being away from the hustle-bustle and crowd, the limestone cliffs, sandy beaches and tropical sands are a biggest attraction. Yacht around Krabi and sip your favorite cocktail by witnessing how beautifully the sunset changes to start strewn night.

    Pranang beach, Krabi, Thailand

  4. Mergui, Myanmar: The Mergui archipelago is one of the unexplored sights for yachting in Asia. The waters and islands are much scattered here and the place is known for sea gypsies and the Moken people who are retaining the age-old tradition of the land. The beaches here are pristine, untouched and mesmerizing to look at. Hence, for the adventurous traveler who wants a bit of thrill in yachting, Mergui is a perfect spot.

  5. Hoi An Cham Islands, Vietnam: This UNESCO world biosphere reserve is known for its rare flora and fauna. It’s rare wildlife includes dolphins, indigenous sea animals and amazing landscapes as well. For the untarnished landscape beauty, Hoi An Cham Islands is a magical destination for sure.

  6. Palawan Province, Philippines: The breathtaking sandy beaches, with turquoise waters welcome you in yachting at Palawan Province. The closest airport to this place is Singapore which is well connected globally. Also, indulge in the East Asian food which is so good on the palate along with some amazing seafood options as well.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Amazing Yacht Charter Destinations in Asia
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