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Things To Know About the Famous Hamburger University

Hamburger University

Have you ever heard of Hamburger University? If you have, great. If you haven’t, know McDonald’s? I think you got a fair idea where this discussion is headed to. We are going to talk about the training facility of one of the biggest burger-chains in the world, McDonald’s.

Hamburger University is an educational ground for the staff of McDonald’s employed in various areas of management. Believe me, when I say this, it is not just your regular university, and I will totally give you facts to prove that I am not wrong.

Motto: Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow
Location: Chicago, Illinois (prior to 2018 – Oak Brook, Illinois)
Established: 1961
The first graduating class (1961): 14 students

Here are 6 things you should know about Hamburger University:

  1. What degree?
    Yes, you are not going to get out of this place with just a diploma. You will get a full-fledged, recognized professional degree. That degree is called a Bachelor Degree in Hamburgerology—I know what you are thinking, but it is a real thing.
  2. Worldwide presence
    Did you think that Hamburger University is just an American thing? Well, you wrong because there are many campuses of the university situated across the globe.
    Presently, there are 8 campuses located in the cities of Oak Brook, Tokyo, Sydney, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, London, Moscow, and Munich. Moscow, as a matter of fact, is the latest addition to the series of the campuses. It is to be noted that the University recently moved its main campus from Oak Brook, Illinois to Chicago.
  3.  It Is Not New In Town
    Hamburger University sounds like a 21st-century idea, but it is not. The university started in the year 1961.
    When it started, Ray Kroc, monitored the lessons and eventually, the fame and reputation of the university grew—and now it is on another level. The University was actually started by the first grillman of McDonald’s, Fred Turner, who, for the record, went on to spearhead the company as its CEO for 20 years.
  4. Ray Kroc?
    I mentioned Ray Kroc in the preceding point. Curious, who he was? You should know this man because he has been monumental in the fast-food business.
    He joined McDonald’s in 1954 and channeled all his energy into the expansion of the fast-food chain across the globe. It is said that it was Kroc who strengthened the global roots of the company and made it where it is now.
    His reputation was noted by many reputed magazines and he has been placed among Time’s 100 The Most Important People of the Century.
  5. Selection Process Can Be Intense
    If you thought that a degree in Hamburgerology is a piece of cake, then you are too wrong.
    You might not believe but Hamburger University, considering all its campuses, has a very strict selection process. You cannot just walk into the reception and say that “you want an admission here”.
    If you don’t believe me, believe the facts at least which say that the Shanghai campus has a selection rate of just 1 percent. Reports show that it is more difficult to get into the Hamburger University than in Harvard and Oxford.
  6. Intense Coursework
    To become a successful graduate of this University, you go through more than just textbooks. The curriculum has put in place many assignments which involve students catering to various managerial tasks in an artificial McDonald’s setting. They get to serve fake customers, consider menus, and guide the operations and others. These assignments are usually called pressure tasks and are quite intense.
    A student is required to finish at least 2000 hours of training for successfully completing the course. The credits which you earn at the university can be useful for an Associate Bachelor’s Degree in more than 1500 universities and colleges. Imagine a week-long program being worth a degree!
    Basically, you get to learn everything which is required to become efficient restaurant managers.
  7. Many Graduates
    Until today, graduates from the various campuses of Hamburger University are around 300,000. These include well-established as well as future restaurant managers, mid-managers and operators.

So, every time you go to a McDonald’s, remember that there is a brilliant mind behind the operations of the restaurant because it is a mandatory condition that all McDonald’s Branch heads must be graduates from this university.

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