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Profile: Dubai International Airport (Things To Do)

Dubai International Airport

Getting a layover at an airport for your connecting flight especially when you are all alone is quite miserable, isn’t it? Well, it’s not, if the airport is the Dubai International Airport. It is simply because the place offers a lot of things to do. A few of them are shortlisted for you.

  1. Shopping as much as you can
    You can shop for various duty-free products at the airport. It has separate sections for its products, like, electronics, luxury products, fashion, etc. Go for the Arabic sweets, sweet aromatic perfumes, mouth-watering chocolates, its well-renowned dry fruits, cosmetics, cigars, cigarettes, liquor, and many more things.
  2. Burn some calories at its Health Club
    The G-Force Health Club is inside Dubai International Hotel at Terminal 3. It homes a fully equipped gym. Prices for the passengers vary on an hourly basis, whereas it’s free for the members. Spending your layover by hitting the gym and running the treadmill is such a healthy way of spending the time.
  3. Take a free shower at its cubicles
    After sweating out, you need to have a shower. See, the airport authorities have taken care of the minutest things *wink*. Showers are available in the gym and its lounges. If you are availing the facility of the spa, then you get its complementary shower facility. Free shower facilities are also available at terminal 3 (that lies between gates B13 and B19).
  4. Feed your stomach in the Food Court
    The airport provides a vast number of food and beverage options at its various outlets. You can have access to fast food as well as the full dining option. International outlets such as Mc Donalds, Burger King, Carluccio, Giraffe, Cho Gao and many more are available. A few restaurants and cafes are also located near the gates across the terminals so that your boarding is not delayed.
  5. Pamper yourself in a spa
    If you have to go for a long journey then I guess this is the best option for you to exercise. Before getting indulged in shopping and workout, head towards the Dubai International Hotel and opt for a spa, swimming pool or a sauna. This will not only relax you but also rejuvenate you for your upcoming journey. If you are still left with time, you can stroll down the whole airport and do the activity you want.
  6. Enjoy photoshoot
  7. Dubai airport is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent airports in the world. It is so adorable that you can easily pass the time by strolling on its premises. Every corner can act as a perfect backdrop for your astounding pictures.
  8. Don’t miss the Zen Gardens
  9. This place doesn’t seem to be a part of an airport; you’ll get to know the reason once you visit this. It is a glorious place comprising of a fish pond and trees with some benches to sit on. You can read your favorite book with backdrop music of the splashing water, tune to your favorite playlist and getting lost in the world of music or finish off your pending work. Just make sure you don’t forget to board timely.
  10. Relax in the SnoozeCube
    If you are not willing to shop or eat but to relax, then head towards the snooze cube for an undisturbed sleep/rest before your flight. You’ll have access to a bed, free internet through wifi, and a television.
  11. Finish your pending work
    If you are among those who need to finish their work before boarding the flight, then you can get the proper ambiance for the same. The airport homes a business center and meeting rooms at the Dubai International Hotel. You’ll also get free internet access, and faxing and photocopying facilities.
  12. Have some fun time with your children
    If you are traveling with your children, then this is a must-visit section for you. This is a facility between gates B7 and B8 that features children’s area with exciting play equipment, a climbing area and games zone that is sufficient to keep your little one engaged throughout your layover.

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