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Top 5 Foods That You Need To Avoid For A Flawless Skin


Our skin is something that most of us take for granted and we end up not taking care of it. It is common for our skin to degrade because of our stressful schedules, and thus utmost care and attention needs to be given to it.

Forget this myth that it is just skin care products and chemical treatments that will make your skin flawless; the easiest and most natural way to improve the condition of your skin is by maintaining your diet and avoiding certain food items that upsurge the growth of acne, scars, and various other skin problems.

What you eat has a great effect on your health, and following are listed top 5 foods that you need to avoid for a flawless skin.

  1. Sugar: It goes without saying that excessive sugar intake can be dangerous for your body, including your skin. Sugary products not only make you fat but contain certain molecules that make your skin lose its quality. It spikes the inflammation level of body which produces enzymes that break down the elasticity, making the skin saggy and wrinkly. Sugar also increases the level of insulin in the body, making the hormones more reactive through which skin cells grow more quickly, causing acne and pimples.


  2. Cheese, fried, and fast food: All forms of fast food and fried food have drastic effect on your skin. These food items increase the risk of acne. Various studies have found that more consumption of fast food has a correlation with increased acne. Even intake of a lot of cheese related products have similar affects. Fried food results being unhealthy because of the vegetable oil that is used to fry them which causes oxidative stress in the body cells making them grow faster and creates spots, wrinkles, etc. So resist cheese, fried, and fast food as much as possible.
  3. Aerated drinks and alcohol: Aerated drinks and soda contain artificial chemicals and sugar, which, no doubt, have unfavourable outcomes on your skin. Occasional consumption is okay, but one should ensure it does not get disproportionate. Consumption of alcohol on a continuous basis can be very harmful for your skin. Regular or excessive consumption dehydrates the skin and makes it dry and dull. It adversely affects the quality of skin, so make sure you resist it as much as possible.
  4. Artificially flavoured juice: You might be astonished to see ‘juice’ as one of the food items to avoid for a healthy skin, but canned juices are extremely unhealthy because of the additives that they contain like artificial flavour and sugar. And we all know, consumption of sugar increases the acne risk. These packed juices are low in fibre and high in calories, unlike freshly made juice. In making of packed juices, the pulp is also removed, which is the nutritious part of the fruit. As an alternative, you should opt for freshly squeezed juice which has no artificial or added sugar dissolved. Moreover, fresh fruits are even better than fresh juices as they are richer in fibre and vitamins.
  5. Coffee: Coffee is an addiction that makes most unable to go through the day without the intake of a cup. Coffee contains a considerable proportion of caffeine as an ingredient which can be very reactive, affecting your skin directly. It closes the pores of the skin leading to the development of acne and oily skin. It reacts on the stress hormones, spiking your body’s inflammation levels, and increasing amount of oil produced by your sebaceous glands, making your skin more prone to breakouts. It also increases the already existing acne and pimples due to over production of insulin.

    Coffee Experience

Your diet and your skin’s health have a direct relation. Unhealthy skin is a clear depiction that you are unhealthy from the inside too. You might not see signs in the beginning, but unhealthy food items, persistently, deteriorate the condition of your skin.  It becomes important to ensure feasting of healthy and right food and discarding the unhealthy sustenance. You are what you eat, so don’t forget to note the aforementioned top 5 foods that you need to avoid for a flawless skin!

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