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10 Ways To Decorate Your Work Desk

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Going to your workplace and sitting at your same old desk daily seems monotonous, isn’t it? Well, there are several hacks to save you from your boring work desks. Let me share with you a few ways to decorate your desk at work that will definitely make you fall in love with it.

  1. Go with some quotes, cut-outs, etc.
    You can write some motivational quote(s) on a sheet of paper that keeps you going throughout the day. Decorate your sheet with some miniatures, laces or washi tapes. If you are fond of art and have time then you can go for theme-based artistic work for your desk. If you have any festive season coming around, say Halloween or Christmas, you can opt for respective cut-outs (like a pumpkin bucket, skeleton made of popsicle sticks, snowflakes, etc.)
  2. Put some fresh flowers in your cubicle
    Fresh flowers keep the atmosphere alive; give you positive vibes and lowers down your stress level. Eventually, it leads to your enhanced productivity and diminished health care costs. It has been proved in a study that those who keep fresh flowers or plants in their office feel less agitated and anxious in comparison to those who don’t. When people see fresh flowers, their brain tends to get positive signals, and it directly gets reflected in their moods.
  3. Pictures always hold that place
    Displaying pictures has always been a good option to decorate any space, be it your room wall, the hall or your work desk. Instead of frames, here you can use a wire to hang your photographs. This looks more appetizing and makes you feel more connected to your closed ones. This will also let your office colleagues know about your family. ☺
  4. Use decorative magnets or push pins
    This one is a pocket-friendly way to decorate your work desk. If you are having a magnetic board, decorative and fun magnets can give your cubicle walls a life. If otherwise is the case, then using thumbtacks or push pins can be a good option for this purpose.
  5. Make your stationery look a little funky
    Whether you are into writing or not, you tend to use at least pen daily. You can use either use colorful pens, funky pens or give your regular pen a funky look by say, mop head or anything of your choice. This will surely take you back to your childhood, where using fancy accessories used to excite us more than the stationery itself.
  6. Give your whiteboard a slight personal touch
    Don’t let your whiteboard be boring and plain, give it a personal touch. Decorate it with washi tape or any other similar product as per your choice or the availability. This will give your whiteboard a life. You can also draw partitions so as to create a systematic array of your upcoming meetings or notes to remember.
  7. Keep some wooden blocks for your notes
    Instead of sticking papers on the boards or walls, buy or make some DIY wooden blocks which will act as holders to your notes. These won’t just let you forget those ‘points to remember’ but also looks cute when kept on your desks. So why not to try this next?
  8. Bring a lamp to brighten up your cubicle
    A colorful lamp will definitely make your office look better. A bright colored lamp is the best option for this purpose. Not just during the evening, you can keep your office lamp ON even during daytime. A lamp with a height of approx. 15 inches is the ideal one for an office desk. Halogen and fluorescent bulbs are energy efficient and last longer.
  9. Bring your old mason jars into use
    This is the time to bring your old mason jars into use. You can store your office supplies or stationery items at one place in such mason jars. This will not only help you find the required things on time but also looks adorable.
  10. Use fabric for knick-knack
    Where washi tape is not sufficient, don’t hesitate to use the whole fabric to decorate your cubicle. Order online or purchase it from a local store. The fabric will change the overall look of your desk.

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