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JUST CHILLIN: A List Of Your Camping Essentials

Friends camping in the forest

A mere thought of camping in the mid of forests excites me. This is indeed a pretty astonishing way of doing a different kind of adventure with your family and/or friends.

There are several campsites in every country but for having the best experience, you shall be fully packed up with the essentials.

We are providing a comprehensive list of all the essential items which you may require while camping and which will be helpful to you especially if you are the first-time camper.

  1. Water: Have you ever been to your camping place earlier? Do you have any idea about the water availability at that place? If not, you need to visit it before your trip (if possible). The reason is very simple that you’ll need to have water not just for drinking but for cooking, cleaning, and various other reasons as well. So carry large water containers separately for drinking and otherwise.
  2. Tent: If you belong to the category which loves to sleep under the stars, then your checklist may not contain a tent but if you’re not, then this is a pre-requisite item for you. As per your preference and the weather conditions, you can opt for either a survival tent, a cold weather tent or a canvas tent. You can borrow the tent if you are unlikely to repeat it in future otherwise invest in a good quality tent.

    Friends camping in the forest

  3. First-Aid Kit: It is all the way more important to have outdoor as it is indoor. You just can’t afford to forget necessary items like bandages, pain relief sprays, pain killer tablets, and gauze. So, in case of an emergency, when you are unable to find any medical store nearby in the remote location, your personal first-aid kit is going to be your savior. Don’t forget to keep insect repellant as well. You would not like to do the fun with insects I guess!
  4. Warm Blankets: Unaffected by the weather conditions, it is mandatory to keep warm blankets or your sleeping bag with yourself. The reason is very simple that even warm summers may get chilling cold in the middle of the night. So, in the absence of your sleeping bag, you may end up shivering the whole night, ruining your fun and turning out to be more tired the next morning. So just invest in a warm and good quality sleeping bag before your camping.
  5. Comfortable Waterproof Clothes: If you are planning to camp during monsoon, then you are supposed to do a witty selection of clothes because your clothes should be light-weight, comfortable, breathable, and waterproof at the same time. It’s essential because it’s already difficult to walk in mud at such campsites and if your clothes are uncomfortable then instead of having fun, this trip will get to be onerous for you.

    Friends camping in the forest

  6. Firewood: Camping without a campfire is just like eating bread without jam. Before leaving for your camping, just enquire whether it’s permissible/legal to carry fire woods at your campsite or not, and is firewood unavailable locally? If both the answers are affirmative, then you can carry firewood along with you in your vehicle.
  7. Torches and LED Lanterns: You need to have torches to find out the way in the darkness, and LED lanterns to do the fun activities, say, playing something or munching or reading your favorite book at the campsite when you want to do just NOTHING.
  8. Cooler Is mandatory For A Perfect Camp: You just can’t camp at the cost of your health. If it’s a trip of more than one day, then you are of course left with some open packets of edible items. The cooler will keep your food items safe (from wild animals and insects), fresh and cool. Well you won’t like to suffer from food poisoning, will you?
  9. Miscellaneous Items: There are several other items which are crucial for you like air-tight containers, portable stove (induction one or otherwise), some utensils, camping shoes and socks, sunscreen, toiletries, and whichever you may feel necessary, can place those in your kit.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - JUST CHILLIN: A List Of Your Camping Essentials
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