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Top 5 Skills To Learn During College

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College can be a difficult time for many reasons. It is usually the first taste of total independence for many young adults, and with that freedom comes responsibility. However, colleges are also a low risk environment, and a place to learn and grow as an individual.

It is a sample of professional life, without most of the risks associated with it, and is the perfect place to develop skills that will be very useful for the rest of your life, professional and personal. Following are top 5 skills to learn and develop during college.

  1. Time Management
    Time management is perhaps the single most important thing to learn as an adult. Balancing various aspects of your life, professional and personal, is very important. A better understanding of time management can work wonders for your life. Professionally, you would be able to space out working time and breaks well, leading to minimal stress and a higher quality of work, while personally you would have more free time to devote to a hobby, to socialize, or just sleep.

    College is a perfect place to learn time management, with the constant assignments, projects, irregularly timed classes, and exams, all putting you in a place where saving time for yourself seems impossible. In such a trying situation, you would automatically develop a set of management skills that will help you a lot throughout your lifetime!

  2. Cooking
    We all have been in that part of our lives when we’re living on instant noodles and fast food, but it’s not the healthiest of decisions, and is pretty hard on your budget. Learning to cook simple dishes for yourself can solve all of that. Buying groceries and cooking using them is much cheaper than constantly buying food or instant cooking packages.
    And as you progress, you would be able to cook more and fancier dishes, and having friends and colleagues over to try them out constantly would provide you with various kinds of feedback, and inputs to make yourself better when it comes to cooking. Cooking for yourself will be vital in the early days of your career, and it is an impressive skill!
  3. Public Speaking
    As it gets harder and harder to get jobs these days, and requirements for jobs getting more and more extensive, learning to speak confidently in front of large groups of people is essential, and there is no better place for that than your college.
    Join a debating club, a Model UN group, a poetry group, a speaking arts group, theater, or anything that puts you on stage. Learn from your seniors and the feedbacks you receive, and take every opportunity you can to perform till you’re confident that you can speak well to an audience, even with minimal preparation. Colleges have a great environment to develop or refine these skills, and this sort of a skill is very important for your professional life.
  4. Develop a hobby
    Hobbies are fun, and are a good, healthy way to unwind after stressful days or weeks, and whatever our hobby is, college is the perfect place to develop them. Whether it is a sport, a musical instrument, creative pursuits such as painting, writing, dancing, or even just playing video games, colleges offer you a decent and safe environment with a lot of like-minded people to help you develop these hobbies and also turn them into a skill.
  5. Efficient cleaning
    Cleaning up your room can be time consuming and tiring. However, it is an absolute necessity, and college is a great place to learn and streamline these things. Learn to do your own laundry, clean and dust your room, make your bed, keep your shelves and clothes organised, wash your own dishes, and generally live in a neat and tidy environment. Find your own ways to quicken the process and to motivate yourself to clean, so that it becomes a habit by the time you have a job or you start your own business and you start living by yourself.

Going to college is hard, but it also offers some of the best times of our lives! Take the time to learn the aforementioned top 5 skills and your life will be vastly improved as a result!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 5 Skills To Learn During College
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