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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - What Drove Elena LeDoux, A Former Litigator, To Create A Natural Energy Shot Brand?

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What Drove Elena LeDoux, A Former Litigator, To Create A Natural Energy Shot Brand?

Elena Ledoux

Sometimes career paths change even years after you think you’ve found your calling in life.  Elena LeDoux, was a very successful litigation attorney from Uzbekistan, who found that her schedule working in law was not aligning with her role as a mom of two sons.  She found that moms are always complaining of fatigue yet none of the energy shots on the market were made from natural ingredients.  LeDoux went on a mission to change the paradigm.  She is now the founder of one of the only natural energy shot consumer brands, MommyGo.

“I love law, but I chose to give up a very successful career as a litigation attorney because my time was not my own and I was a mom. I decided that as an entrepreneur I wanted to create companies that enhance and make the lives of women easier” she said.

Successful Entrepreneur

She explained via the crowd funding website, that unlike most energy shot products that use large amounts of caffeine, sugar, and vitamins to give the user energy, MommyGo uses Japanese matcha tea to deliver a healthier and more calming alternative.

Not only is it tasty – with a hint of lavender notes and the creaminess of coconut, (other options include rose+almond and ginger+lemon), MommyGo provides hours of alertness to its consumer, helping you power thru when you need it the most. It is packed with antioxidants and made completely with natural ingredients, according to LeDoux.  Le Doux has also created a MatchaGO product as well.

In addition to creating Mommy Go, LeDoux is also the CEO of SuperbMaids, another highly successful business she is franchising throughout the US.

Strong Female Force

LeDoux is also clearly a strong woman who has succeeded in more industries than one. She has also received several awards through the duration of her career, including the 2019 SBA Person of the Year Nevada and the 2019 Iconic Women of Distinction Awards, (NAWBO), Southern Nevada Chapter.

LeDoux says “women can have it all too, and should have it all”, but society and government legislation need to embrace this notion and encourage women to rise to the top.

And while she wears a lot of hats, LeDoux still takes time for her family, which includes a husband and two kids.

She said women shouldn’t have to choose giving up their professional development or having a family.

“Think about it, either sacrifice is terrible, but women have to do it all the time instead of going for their dreams,” she said. “Any woman could do what she sets out to do regardless of how hard it may seem. I did, and I want other women to know that there’s a lot of support out there.”

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - What Drove Elena LeDoux, A Former Litigator, To Create A Natural Energy Shot Brand?

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