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Fashion Tips For Women Attending Business Conferences

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Attending business conventions and conferences is an inherent part of an entrepreneur, and it involves people from various nations and backdrops attend in a single place. To represent your brand and exclusivity of the products available, businesswomen need to pay special focus on the outfits and overall fashion sense.

Irrespective of the business theme, fashion tips for women attending business conferences is a must to follow.

Such fashion tips actually help businesswomen to represent their company in the best possible way as appearance gives the first impression to the audience.

The secret’s out! Keep reading for 20 tips to stay effortlessly stylish:

  1. Choose a Blazer or Sports Jacket:  Invest in a good blazer preferably in colors like black, brown or tan to suit any outfit you would choose. This would come a long way in your wardrobe because it suits almost every outfit in a perfect manner. Team it up with a formal trouser look or a pencil skirt as well.
  2. Opt for Wrinkle-Free Material Clothing: A ruffled material dress would never make a decent impression and also brings a frivolous vibe to the audience. Hence, choose wrinkle free material such as khakis or soft linen which can be easily maintained. Make sure you don’t choose fabrics which are noisy or too rough to wear it all day long.
  3. Say yes to Button Down Shirt:  Choose a solid color button down shirt preferably in black or white color which goes quite a long way on formal occasions. This shirt goes well with trousers, stylish jeans or even a pencil skirt.
  4. Wear Comfortable Footwear: Women might dream of looking extremely stylish by sporting a high heel pair but it may not be practically feasible to wear it all day. Instead, choose flats or medium heels with good support which keeps your feet comfortable all day long. Loafers are a perfect choice which gives a formal look and also are extremely comfy to carry.
  5. Minimize Accessories:   Choose utility over style when it comes to dressing for a conference. Go for a well-functioning formal wrist watch which is not too noisy or flashy. Reduce the wear of jewelry which brings clinking sounds or so. Choose a minimal single layered chain with a one-stone pendant instead. Do not choose flashy bracelets which dominates the overall look of the outfit.
  6. Choose Elegant Makeup: Conference is a formal place where people exchange knowledge and lot of interactions happen. It is not a place for flamboyant makeup or flashy dressing. Choose a nude lipstick shade which suits your skin tone and very mild foundation which is close to your natural skin color. Do not try to enhance the look by bold eye makeup, or accentuate your features with artificial colors. Remember ladies, your natural look will win you more accolades than anything else!
  7. Color Choices: When in doubt, go for navy blue, white, or black which brings out the professional look in you. Avoid floral prints or too much detailing on the fabric. Solid colors are the best choice and refrain from gaudy colors like violet, shocking pink or orange.
  8. Tops (Inappropriate Business Attire): Tank Tops, Midriff Tops, Shirts with Potentially Offensive Words, Terms, Logos, Pictures, Cartoon, or Slogans, Halter Tops, Tops with Bare Shoulders, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts
  9. Tops (Appropriate Business Attire): Dress Shirts, Dressy Tops, Blouse, Polo’s, Turtlenecks, Suit Jackets, (Tailored) Blazer, Knit Shirt or Sweater, Cardigan, Dresses (with an appropriate length).
  10. Bottoms (Inappropriate Business Attire): Mini-skirts, Skorts, jeans, sweatpants, exercise pants, bermuda shorts, short shorts, overalls, leggings, and any spandex or other form-fitting pants.
  11. Bottoms (Appropriate Business Attire): Slacks, Pants, Suit Pants, Khakis, Trousers, Skirts (at or below the knee), Cotton or Synthetic Material Pants, Wool Pants, Dressy Capris, Linen Pants, Gabardine Pants.
  12. Footwear (Inappropriate Business Attire): Sneakers, Flashy Athletic Shoes, Thongs, Flip Flops/Slippers, Sandals, Stilettos, High-Platform Shoes, Basically Any Shoe With An Open Toe.
  13. Footwear (Appropriate Business Attire): Flats, Loafers, Boots, Dress Heels (at a conservative heel height), Oxfords.
  14. Accessories (Inappropriate Business Attire): Hats/Headwear (unless for religious purposes), Over-The-Top Jewelry, Sunglasses.
  15. Accessories (Appropriate Business Attire): Use Your Judgement, should be in good taste. Think: would you wear it to an interview?
  16. If you could wear it to the club, then it is not Business Casual!
  17. Steer clear of denim – bit too casual.
  18. Avoid sandals and flip-flops at all costs – Closed-toe shoes are the way to go.
  19. If you can wear it to the gym or the beach, it’s not for business! Need I say more?
  20. Be comfortable


Remember, you don’t need a totally new wardrobe. You probably already have the perfect outfit in your wardrobe.

Modesty is Key.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Fashion Tips For Women Attending Business Conferences
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