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Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson

Internationally respected and highly experienced executive leadership coach, speaker and author. Check Dave out at Dave is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
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CEO Advisory

The Tripod of Success

Several years ago, a movie called “The Pursuit of Happyness” debuted. It was based on the real-life story of Chris Gardner, a highly successful businessman who was once homeless. It compellingly shows how one man and his young son went from sleeping on the floor in a public restroom to...
Education and Career

Five Landmarks of Leadership

Throughout history, landmarks have been used to mark important places and events. They represent boundaries, victories, memories, histories, and discoveries. Landmarks help you know where you are and remind you of where you (or others) have been. They serve as guideposts for future generations. Ancient wisdom admonishes us to “remove...
Education and Career

Leadership Island

There is an infamous poem, often disjointly quoted as “No man is an island,” and “Therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.” There are many who have uttered these quotes without realizing they were the beginning and end of the same poem. But...
CEO Insider

Six Elements of Growth

Whether you’re growing plants, people, business – or all three – you know that growth takes certain elements. In recent months, I have learned how important the growth hormone is for humans, for example. It is active at relatively high levels for most people until about the age of 25....
CEO Advisory

Good Growth, Bad Growth

Growth is a necessary part of life. It has been said that if you are not growing, you are dying. We grow food. We invest money so it will grow. And we want our children to grow into driven, responsible, and successful adults. Growth is a good thing. Unless it...
CEO Advisory

A Three-Part Plan for Finding Motivation

Leaders are often faced with the challenge of keeping their team motivated. But…who motivates the leader? Leaders are people, just like everyone else. And like others, there are times when they lose momentum, get weary, feel rudderless, or suffer from apathy. During these times, motivation becomes a challenge, even for...
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