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World’s Best Fishing Charter Destinations, 2019

Fishing Charters

Fishing is one of the age old traditions of the world which has significance in east as well as the west. The extremely fun filled sport actually brings up lot of joy and involves much strategic thought. This sport is suitable for all ages and also forms a popular family outdoor activity as well.

From ice fishing to a sunny day fishing activity, every person has a different requirement about the sport.

Here are some of the best fishing destinations which would not only guarantee fun, but also a sumptuous dinner post the activity!

World’s Best Fishing Charter Destinations, 2019

  1. Umba River, Kola Peninsula, Russia (Atlantic Salmon): This winter wonderland is a delight to get the best view of Aurora Borealis. However, during the spring this Arctic heaven transforms to a salmon paradise. During every year’s May , lot of fish flock to 123km long Umba River which has the most healthiest salmon on the Earth.

    Kola Bay (Murmansk Fjord), Russia

  2. Cairns, Australia (Giant Black Marlin): The location is situated at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and provides great snorkeling options. The 250 km stretch between Cairns and Lizard Island is the best place on the Earth to catch the Giant Black Marlin- the most coveted catch of this planet.

    Fishing Charters

  3. Southern USA (Catfish):  Native Americans were highly skilled in catching fish and the tradition has passed on to generations traditionally. Cat- daddling, gurgling and hillybilly fishing is a rare art of taking catfish by shoving the hand into an underwater hole!
  4. Taimen, Eg- Uur River Basin, Mongolia:  While Mongolia usually brings the visuals of salty tea, nomads and breathtaking springs, this remote location is the hub for world’s biggest repository of taimen These are popularly known as river wolves and fishing for them is quite a challenge.
  5. Piranha, Amazon Basin, Brazil:  Head to Manaus, the Brazilian state of Amazonia which brings the best piranha fishing activity spots.These deadly fish are an adventure to catch because of their razor teeth which can sink through human fingers!
  6. Shrimp, Oostduinkerke, Belgium: The south west coast of Belgium are adept in fishing prawns. For the past 500 years, fishermen jumped into the sea with steeds dragging the nets and wooden carriage.  This tradition is also recognized by UNESCO  as part of intangible cultural heritage. The lucky visitors can get an enthralling ride in shrimp scaring rig during the stay here!
  7. Goliath Tiger Fish, Congo River Basin: A terrifying toothy fish with a sharp temper, catching Goliath Tiger fish is a challenge in itself. Africa’s equivalent of Piranha, this fish has the nature to attack humans and surely ready to give adrenaline rush for the fisherman . They also have the reputation of maul birds which are in flight. The 70kg plus mbenga leads to dangerous day battles which is termed as the greatest fishing challenges in the world.
  8. Ice Fishing, Brainerd, USA: If you love digging holes in ice and stare at them for long time, Brainerd is the best place to visit. Watch out for the annual Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza is one of its kind festival here!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - World’s Best Fishing Charter Destinations, 2019
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