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8 Things That Make Met Gala What It Is

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In the fashion industry, Met Gala, also known as the Met Ball, is among the most awaited events of all time. Organized on the first Monday of the month of May, the event witnesses participation of celebrities from all over the world. The purpose of the event is charitable—to collect donations at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Gala.

Met Gala, however, is much more than a glamorous charity event—it has an interesting history and contemporary reputation of an unmatched kind. In this article, I plan to tell you 8 things about Met Gala which make it what it is. So, let us check them out:

Website: Costume Institute Gala.

  1. First thing first, why the first Monday?
    You might wonder why the event is conducted on the first Monday of May—and I have the answer.
    Well, actually, the event was not initially organized on that day. In fact, until 2005, the event took place in the month of April for a long time. It was in the year 2005 that the organizers changed the dates to the first Monday of May. The event was organized on this day to pay tribute to the global fashion house Chanel and ever since then, it has become a tradition to organize the event on that day.
  2. Who Attends The Gala?
    If it is a fashion event as huge as Met Gala, then expect a star-studded list of guests. The attendees include prominent international celebrities, particularly from the entertainment and fashion industry.
    You will see everyone here, from reputed Hollywood stars to editors of International fashion magazines. Basically, the entire galaxy of stars come down to grace the event.
  3. When Did It All Start?
    Met Gala is quite old: it started in 1948 and was originally called the Costume Institute Gala. The event was started by the famous Eleanor Lambert as a mode of raising funds for the newly-established Costume Institute.
  4. Themes of the event
    If you have heard about Met Gala, you might know that it witnesses some of the most commendable and outrageous fashion of all time. All these fashion statements are generally made in furtherance of the theme of the event.
    Some of the examples of the themes of the past Met Gala events are A Treasure Trove, Man and the Horse, Costumes of Royal India, the Age of Napoleon, Fashion and History: A
    Dialogue, China: Through the Looking Glass,
    and Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age of Technology.
    The theme for the Met Gala 2019 is Camp: Notes on Fashion.
  5. Pair-up
    There is a tradition commonly followed in Met Gala: the tradition says that you should come in pairs. In the past, there have been many notable pairs such as Blake Lively and Karl Lagerfeld, Selena Gomez and Vera Wang, and Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. The pairings change every year.
  6. Know Anna Wintour
    Anna Wintour is the central figure of Met Gala. She is the chief editor of the international fashion magazine The Vogue and has been the chair of the event for the past 22 years. She is a prominent name in the fashion industry and is known for her star-studded company which includes Beyonce and Karl Lagerfeld.
    So, know well that while celebrities get all the media attention it is this lady who gets all things done.
  7. How Much For the Tickets, folks?
    Unless you are super rich, it is likely that you will not get a chance to attend Met Gala. A single ticket to Met Gala amounts to about $35,000. What is more shocking is that tables could cost you as much as $300,000.
    The good thing is that all the money that comes from these sales go to the Costume Institute, which is incidentally the only department at the Museum which has to fund itself. So, we kind of understand, don’t we?
  8. Don’t Shoot After Red Carpet
    Much of the inside details of the arrangements after red carpet are kept under wraps. Posting on social media is prohibited ever since a couple of years. Though celebrities often post pictures despite the ban, the cases are not frequent. One thing, however, is sure that there is a huge dinner party marked by sumptuous food and performances.

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