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Top Five Career Options After Business School


Master of Business Administration has been proven to gift the learners a better communication skillset and ability of time management. Everybody wants to develop a creative mind with a pinch of self-discipline. The degree holders inculcate all these skills, overpowering soft skills over academics.

Are you one of these, confused as to which career option to go for? Look into these suggestions for a clearer perspective!

  1. Investment Banker: Having a good number game? Clearly, your understanding of numbers will suit this career after your MBA. This job is about advising the companies for large amount transactions and deals at a professional corporate level. In short, Investment Banking offers you role play in the capital, sales, marketing, advice and negotiations in deal-making. The best perk being an Investment Banker is the package, which is equal to the top earners at the corporate level in few countries. The key requirements are good academic credentials, networking skills, and leadership experience. However, not only your job is secured but benefits positively impact your personal life too.
  2. Human Resources : Is your skillset strong enough to contribute to the growth of the organization? The work here requires impeccable communication skills, strong decisive mind and good understanding. The job involves recruiting, training and managing of the employees, insuring best candidates with conductive training. In order to opt this field as your career, focus on your abilities to recruit a deserving employee, look into organizational development, learning of the firm and intellectual compensations with long term benefits. Leaving beside what the career demands, you in turn get a high salary as the opportunities in this field are increasing globally.
  3. Entrepreneur: The big question is- How does MBA contribute to my business? One of the biggest aspect is networking. College is a base place for networking with interesting people you would not meet when you are employed. The degree will give an experience to experiment the odds and face the failures, which results in minimum harm to the start up. Exposure to the learning approaches and acceptance of numerous perspectives will give you a view of various backgrounds and industries. So, earning the knowledge to thrive for your passion will give positive results. An entrepreneur with a MBA degree speeds in marketing, finance, and sources of capital. Golden perk is that MBA can make it easier to raise money for the business.
  4. Financial Analyst: Enjoy high risk and high rewarding situations? Do you prioritize your academics? Are you feeling numbers over your head? If the answer is yes, this career is for you! There are numerous skills which are must haves to compete in this career, from breaking down the complex financial cases to digital data analysis. It’s not a game of short course learning but a lifetime soft skill inculcation of strategic thinking, decision making and giving attention to details. A career as a financial analyst offers an exciting opportunity to shape the finance industry. The salary depends on the post, and freelance work can also be taken up for additional income. It all depends on your capability to perform in the competitive market.
  5. Management Consultant: Planning for a high designation early in life? This career will provide you just that, with high salary prospects and best work atmosphere. It includes working with the best colleagues, great experience and, well, rich and worthy businessmen for consultancy. You can earn really well by convincing corporate executives to trust your business strategy and private data. The variety of projects will keep you busy and interested in your work, if you really admire to be a management consultant. This career choice enables one to learn everyday and develop the mind regularly. There is always an advantage of facing the positive results when you are determined towards the consulting project; there is immense satisfaction when you see that it has made a real difference in the client’s professionalism. Thus, self-satisfaction and inner peace is rewarding.

Pursuing MBA is never a mistake because of the personal and professional benefits. It is a beneficial qualification with both soft skills and academic knowledge. Higher salary, networks, and knowledge are the best things one can earn by pursuing MBA. Set your path for this fruitful field for the determination and hard work you put in.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top Five Career Options After Business School
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