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5 Things To Get From South Korea

Busan, South Korea

South Korea is presently the fastest developing country, though it is safe to call it a developed country. The country offers a perfect blend of industrialization and traditional Korean legacy working together, and this makes its tourism industry so engaging and lucrative. If you do not believe me, you should know that it has been among the top 20 most visited countries in the world.

You should come here to see what makes this country so popular among international tourists—and this includes the things you can buy here and take back home. I understand that nobody wants to take back home cliché souvenirs which globalization makes available everywhere. Every one of us wants to get something peculiar to the place we are visiting so naturally, when you are here in South Korea you’d expect the same.

In this post, I have compiled a list of five things which are a must-buy in South Korea. Let us take a look:


At first, you might be surprised because socks do not fit in the category of takeaways from countries. But, Koreans socks are special and there is a valid reason behind the special status they have.

It is a tradition here that you remove your shoes when entering a house so, inevitably, your feet will be exposed. Hence, you would need socks most of the time. That is what triggers the massive production of all kinds of socks in Korea.

Here there are all sorts of socks: those having faces of famous K-pop stars, noodle designs, brilliant colors, and famous anime characters, especially Totoro.

Beauty Products

There is a chance you know about the grandeur of the Korean cosmetic industry which competes with the best in the world. In Korean culture, the emphasis on personal grooming is immense, and this has led to the establishment and development of the world-famous Korean cosmetics.

Korean cosmetics are for both men and women. If you did not know, Korea is the biggest market for men cosmetics—and you will find everything a man can wear on his body. So, while you are here, make sure you get a few cosmetics.

Anti-Hangover Products

There is no denying the fact that the drinking culture in Korea is very strong so Koreans are naturally among those who have to regularly go through a hangover. Something had to be done—and Koreans decided to manufacture anti-hangover drinks, which you would not find as commonly everywhere as here.

You will find these products in the form of juices and even ice cream bars. Since they are highly common, you can find them in most of the stores. Get a handful of them, take back home and gift them to your booze-loving friends.


Ginseng can be a pricey affair, but it is worth all the fame it gets. It was originally used in traditional Chinese medicine practice but eventually became popular in Korea. It is, particularly, known for its healing properties.

Consumption of Ginseng can help in the enhancement of cognitive functions and keep you in a good mood.  A few test-tube studies show that ginseng has the potential to prevent free radicals from damaging your brain. Other benefits include moderating blood pressure, enhancing stamina and reducing mental distractions.

In Korea, you can even purchase Ginseng liquor—just in case you wanted to have fun along. Booze and health often do not get along well, but Ginseng liquor is one of the few exceptions out there.

Korean Embroidery

Despite all the efforts being made to preserve traditional Korean culture, it is gradually fading away. There are a handful of artists who continue contributing to the same as long as they can. It is because of these people you can still find craftsmanship incorporating traditional Korean embroidery, which you can easily notice in the form of brilliantly colored flowers and animal designs.

If you are here and want to get something symbolic of South Korea, then you should consider taking back a few works done using Korean embroidery. Get pouches, clothes or bags incorporating these designs from any souvenir stores you wish to buy. In case your budget allows, get a hanbok—it is a traditional Korean dress which incorporates cultural embroidery in plenty.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - 5 Things To Get From South Korea
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