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7 Facts To Consider To Grow Your Business On Instagram


Instagram has a lot more to offer than just sharing the pictures among your circle of friends and family. The high number of active users and great engagement has made it one of the most persuasive social media platforms to grow businesses.

The strength of marketing of any business lies in finding the target audience and then influencing. With the right campaigning on Instagram, you can easily fetch millions of followers without costing a fortune on paid advertisements. BTW, you can also purchase IG followers if the companies are trusted and recognized.

Wondering how? Just keep the 7 Cs in mind- Content, Creativity, Connectivity, Collaboration, Conversation, Count and Consistency and see how you fly.

Here we will give you an insight into the 7 facts to consider growing your business on Instagram.

1. Content And #Hashtag- The King And Queen

No matter which online platform you are using, with the approach of right words you win half the battle. Once you know the magic of words, Instagram can back you with perspective to potential customers. You need to bring a lot of creativity along with the right use of #hashtags in the content. As long as they are relevant to your brand, use them as much as possible.

Since the time hashtags became ubiquitous, people prefer sorting their search through them. With this, you can not only grow your audience but at the same time find your target audience as well. Here what needs attention is, not everyone monitor hashtags, so you can tag some relatable and popular brands to get noticed. At the same time, make sure you have a unique hashtag of your brand as well. Use it sparingly in different social media platforms.

2. Creativity Is The Key

It needs a lot of creative bugs to work to bring your Instagram profile in the limelight. Everyone post pictures and share videos but those who publish only the most influencing ones grab the maximum attention.

If you are posting pictures, double sure that it speaks loudly about your brand. You not only want to add value to your business but at the same time look pretty as well. Make use of Instagram stories the most. They display in the top of your profile and can be accessed by anyone. Experiment with the different features Instagram offers- edited photos, small videos, Boomerang, live video and much more.

3. Expand The Connectivity

When it is about Instagram, you can easily connect it with other social media platforms you are using for the same business profile. Linking it with Facebook and Twitter will help in adding more followers to the bag.  

Once connected, the pictures you post on Instagram gets posted on Facebook and Twitter as well. When a lot of people get access to your single post, things become relatively easy. Isn’t it? Moreover, people who are connected with you on Facebook or Twitter might start following in the Instagram as well because they will get the direct link.

4. Collaborate With Others And Mention Them

Remember, when it is about Instagram, it should not be just about you all the time. Sometimes, collaborations with others and mentioning them in your posts might bring you to the public eye easily.  Always keep the brand value in mind while taking the steps. Do not hold back even if you have to do a fundraiser a couple of times. As long as it is making you the center of attraction, do it!

Another feasible way is partnering with brands that have a similar status as yours in the platform. It is called as ‘unpaid shout-out’ where you and your partner promote each other in their posts. It benefits both the people in different ways. There are ‘paid shout-outs’ as well which can be technically defined as influencer campaign. It is one potential way to get highlighted in big brands’ profile and get noticed by their genuine audiences.  

5. Interactions And Conversations

When you succeed in developing the trust of people, they start becoming your followers. And you don’t want to disappoint your followers, right? It is when a conversation comes to the scene. Interacting with your followers, responding to their queries and replying in their comments even if it’s a simple ‘thank you’ can help in retaining them forever.

If time doesn’t allow you to converse daily, make it a weekly affair. Keep an eye on what they are saying and reply. You can also follow back your followers on Instagram and connect with them in other social media platforms as well. Going a step forward, you can even start a live video with your audience and have a good interaction session with them. It builds the trust and reliability between you two.

6. Count Like Likes

Keeping an eye on that little heart people give you can really make a difference. Sharing a number of photos every day is one thing and counting your likes in each one of them is another. If you analyze what type of posts are more liked by your followers and what type of posts helped you get them, things could become easy to understand. You will know the taste of your audiences and can work to make them even better.

For instance, the best thing you can do is sharing the picture of the same product in two different colors and asking your followers to tell which one is better. It will help in two ways- conversing with them and knowing their likes. Both will help in growing.

7. Remain Consistent

Like any other platform, something which keeps you in the frontline is remaining consistent with posting. Make sure you keep your profile live by getting into a regular cadence of sharing the images and videos. It will help by always staying before the eyes of your audience. However, at the same time, make sure the posts are entertaining or else you might lose the followers easily.

Regularity in posting also helps the followers knowing what and when to expect from your profile. The ways new and fresh content grabs the eyes, the same ways consistency keeps you in your toes. It also motivates you to work without fail and in better ways to outshine your business profile.

Wrapping Up

If you are new to handle a business profile, you might struggle in the initial phase. But believe me; keeping these seven Cs or facts in mind can help you to a great extent.

So start your Instagram business profile journey with some business thoughts in mind. We wish you get a lot of followers and success. All the Best!

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