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The 20 Top Most Used Social Networking Sites And Apps In The World, 2019


Ranked by the number of monthly active users, Facebook is leading the pack with a considerable margin. Facebook currently sits at 2.27 billion monthly active users, as of January 2019. Second-ranked video-sharing platform YouTube had 1.9 billion monthly active accounts.

Facebook remains untouchable in 2019 ranking 1st, with Facebook-owned social networks ranking 3rd (WhatsApp), 4th (Facebook Messenger) and 5th(Instagram) in global popularity.

Let’s dive in.

Here are the top 20 most-used social networking sites and apps in the world, 2019

  1. Facebook: 2.27 billion
  2. YouTube: 1.9 billion
  3. WhatsApp: 1.5 billion
  4. Facebook Messenger: 1.3 billion
  5. WeChat: 1.08 billion
  6. Instagram: 1 billion
  7. QQ: 803 million
  8. QZone: 531 million
  9. Douyin / Tik Tok: 500 million
  10. Sina Weibo: 446 million
  11. Reddit: 330 million
  12. Twitter: 326 million
  13. Douban: 320 million
  14. LinkedIn: 303 million
  15. Baidu Tieba: 300 million
  16. Skype: 300 million
  17. Snapchat: 287 million
  18. Viber: 260 million
  19. Pinterest: 250 million
  20. LINE: 194 million

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