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Looking For IT Degree Programs Online From The Best Universities? Here’s Your Guide

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Technology is advancing, and so is the scope for branching into different streams. Information technology does not only deal with infosystems, but it also teaches you about web platforms, marketing techniques, hardware, computer systems, software and more.

Students and individuals involved in business get the upper hand by having a clear understanding of information technology.

It is an up and coming field and has been widely recognized by top universities over the globe.

You can study Information Technology at a Bachelor’s or Master’s level from your home. Online courses are beneficial for those who wish to balance their education with work, and it also proves to be a respite for those willing to ace their careers in this field.

Anyone looking to advance their career in Information Technology can avail this course online as a Bachelor’s degree is not enough. The complexities in technology demand for professionals skilled in almost everything in today’s day and age.

Hence, it is essential to be updated with the best practices, which can only be achieved by learning from the best.

You can consider the following universities to apply for the best online information technology programs:

University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin offers its students a thorough and affordable education. Their online degree course in Information Technology covers the significant aspects of this field. This program is considered to be the most affordable degree available on the Internet. Degree takers have the option to choose between Information Technology, Information Science and Information Architecture. At the completion of this course, you will be awarded Bachelor of Science in Information Science & Technology (IST), B.S. Information and Communication Technologies, UW Master of Science in Data Science program, M.S. Information and Communication Technologies, and Master of Science in Information Science & Technology.

The University of Wisconsin has been ranked No. #38 in the world in the Top 500 Global Universities, according to the CEOWORLD magazine University Ranking for 2019. The University of Wisconsin also ranked 39th for Computer Science Degrees, and 44th for Engineering And Technology Degrees.

Capella University

Capella University offers Master of Science in Analytics, Master of Science in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Program, MS in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Programs, Doctor of Information Technology Program, and PhD in Information Technology Program. It is famous for its flexible courses that allow students to manage their pace according to their time. The degree is issued by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Students can be prepared to acquire skills and certifications that would help them in this field, once they finish the degree and opt for a full-fledged career in Information Technology.

Colorado Tech University

Colorado Tech University (CTU) is known for providing a complex yet thorough coursework for its students to understand the entire concept of Information Technology. Further, students have the option to dissect into one of the seven available options that they can apply for, as a specialization. This helps them in choosing what interests them the best, as Information Technology is a broad program. A specialization will help students to opt for a career that considers their interests solely.

Colorado Tech University (CTU) offers Master of Science in Information Technology, Master of Science in Information Technology – Network Management, Master of Science in Information Technology – Security Management, Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Drexel University

Drexel University is known for combining flexibility with affordability. As a student, you have the option to choose the start date. You can also undertake the program according to your own pace. The degree attained at the completion of this online course would be a BSc in Computing and Security Technology. The degree focuses mainly on cybersecurity and cyber theft. The specializations are available for computer science and computer technology. The curriculum, however, prepares you for everything concerning database management, computing techniques, cybersecurity and more. Drexel university has been ranked No. #282 in the world in the Top 500 Global Universities, according to the CEOWORLD magazine University Ranking for 2019.

King University

The assurance that comes with an online course from King University lies in the fact that the same faculty teaches both residential as well as online degree takers. The genuineness of the curriculum remains intact, in addition to the flexibility of pace. The course is affordable and awards the students with a BSc in Information Technology on successful completion.

Online courses are better than classroom lectures in a lot of ways. Firstly, they allow you to study the given course material according to your flexibility. A reliable Internet connection and a PC or laptop are all you need to begin learning. Moreover, online courses are equipped with real-time tips and tricks, practices, business models and more.

You can also download the course material and view it offline for some websites. Not only students but working professionals, couples trying to manage childcare and freelancers can kick-start their careers and expand their knowledge. Online courses also provide you with videos or audio books, depending upon the websites that give you a better grasp of the course.

As more and more individuals strive to receive a sound education, it becomes crucial in attaining a degree from a recognized university that would not only get you to the top but would easily distinguish your expertise and knowledge from the rest. The most famous universities also provide you with a brand value that can help you get your desired job. The provided curriculum is expansive and thorough in its way, allowing you to learn and understand the course material from its roots. In addition to this, online courses come at standard rates. Saving your living and travel expenses, they serve as a viable alternative for those who prefer learning by their own, sweet time.

Apart from the above-mentioned schools, you can also look up Purdue University, Oregon State University, University of Massachusetts, to name a few. These colleges are well known for their distance programs and offer the best curriculum available, both online and offline. By acquiring Information Technology (IT) skills, you will be an ideal candidate in the world of technology, and can only hope to achieve greater heights by striving hard to learn and experience something new, every day.

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