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The Journey Of Steve Holbrook As A Social Media Influencer

Steve Holbrook

Social media has become an integral part of the life for the millennial citizens all across the world. It is a platform for people and brands to share their stories and attract eyeballs. And the one genre of stories that grab the eyeballs very fast on the social media comprises of the motivational stories.

What inspired people the most at their hour of despair? It is a story of another man who had been through the same or even worse and has come out as a winner. One such story that has taken social media by storm is that of Steve Holbrook.

Holbrook’s story is touching lives across the globe through social media. Apart from his own blog and Youtube chanel that runs under his own name, he is also one of the founding member of the Arete Syndicate which is Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett’s mastermind group- 60 men and women brought together to create the biggest force for change in the world. They have an incredible increasing fan following on their Instagram page.

He conducts corporate trainings with particular focus on mindset and mental toughness leadership training. His is up on a mission to build an online community for people to improve their lives. He is one of the fastest growing social media influencers with a whooping 30,000 followers grown over a period of just one year. He addresses people on various online as well as offline platforms in USA and Canada. He was featured in an esteemed publication named ‘The Truth about WFG’ by Steve Siebold.

Holbrook was diagnosed with Crohns disease at the age of two. Ever since, he has been under very difficult medication on and off all through his life till the age of 28 when some of his vital organs such as the rectum and half of his bowel had to be removed for him to stay alive. And despite that, today, he is a complete family man with three adorable children, a successful entrepreneur and above everything a motivational speaker who helps people to find light in the darkest moments of their lives.

Holbrook visits hospitals to meet and counsel people who suffer from the same medical condition as him and inspires them to have faith and remain positive during the treatment. Through his own example he inspires them to embrace the treatment and a new way of life that follows thereafter. As he addresses his audience and trainees, he even visits hospital for the necessary medical procedures and comes back with renewed vigor and enthusiasm every time.

Steve Holbrook

Conclusion 1

A man who was struggling for every single breath on a hospital bed till just a few years back is today telling the tale of his journey back to life. He tells his audience, “I want you to find your story in my story.” With that one statement, he grips the right pulse point of his audience. With exponentially increasing fan followers he is poised to become one of the top social media influencers very soon.

Conclusion 2

It’s true that everybody has a story of his own and they want to know the end of the story. Holbrook comes right out of the screen of your handset or laptop in the middle of the grueling office hours or at the end of a very tiring day to say – ‘hey, I have a story for you. And at the end of it you will know where your own story is heading towards.’ As you hear his story, slowly you get convinced that you will be the winner of your own story. You will surely have the last laugh just as Steve Holbrook.

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