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Monday, October 21, 2019

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Top 10 Holiday Destinations In South Pacific

Many believe that rest on the islands is a paradise rest and they are not mistaken. Probably some places precisely resemble not less than heaven in the laps of nature. Similarly, if you talk about the beautiful southern part of the Pacific Ocean, places here are characterized by endless tropical landscapes: aquamarine waters, white sandy beaches, and forever blue sky with delicate white clouds. Lush greenery creates a tropical paradise that is beautiful unlike any other tropical region in the world.

In this write-up, we will discuss the list of 10 wonderful islands of the world that make your holidays incredible:

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is the second largest island of  French Polynesia after Fr. Tahiti. Bora Bora is located 240 km northwest of Tahiti which is rich in nature endowed. It has clear waters and is created around the main island of small islands, called Motu.

Reason to choose Bora Bora

  • Here adventures cover both land and sea.
  • It is blessed with warm and wonderful Tahitians
  • You can participate in HAWAIKI NUI VA’A being one of the traditional sports of Tahiti.
  • Top of all its mouthwatering French-inspired food inspires everyone to visit here.
  • Shark & Stingray are one of the most popular excursions in French Polynesia

2. Aitutaki, The Cook Islands

The island paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is replete with virgin jungles and volcanic peaks. Holidays in the Cook Islands attracts newlyweds and travelers who want to experience all the delights of luxurious exotic relaxation.

Reason to choose the Cook Islands

  • Cozy Polynesian villas and spa hotels in combination with luxury beaches create the ideal conditions for a carefree honeymoon.
  • Millennial history, rich culture, crystal clear aquamarine waters, kilometers of sandy coast and rich green landscape
  • The tropical climate makes the destination an excellent point to visit all year round.
  • One of the most significant events of the year is the dance competition Dancer of the Year Contest, which takes place in April.
  • On the island, you can see many rare plants and exotic flowers and also watch rare birds.

3. The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

You can visit the magnificent islands of Mamanuka either by water or by air, the price is about the same, but better, of course, fly aki bird. This island is covered with 13 tiny islands of the Mamanuca Archipelago which are located off the west coast of Fiji’s main island.

Reason to choose The Mamanuca Island 

  • Fiji is inhabited by calm and friendly people who cheerfully shout “Bula!” Which means a greeting like “Hello!”
  • Most of the beauties of the archipelago are of a natural nature, and therefore all local excursions are usually sharpened to inspect a beach, forest or cave.
  • With more than 20 tropical islands, some are among the best beaches in Fiji.
  • There are nice souvenir shops and a small church that attract tourists.
  • Fans of diving in the archipelago are paradise at all – local dive sites have long been considered among the best in the world.
  • Types of Fiji weddings are one of the centers of attraction for visitors.

4. Samoa Islands

Samoa is an incredible beauty of sandy beaches, hot sun, giving the body a chocolate shade, picturesque landscapes surprise even the most modern travelers. Due to its remoteness from the whole world, its tropical corners becomes extremely attractive for world tourism.

Reason to choose the Samoa Islands

  • It is Untouched by civilization, they are a real find for all lovers of traveling and sunbathing while enjoying underwater views and local landscapes.
  • Poor wooden huts are combined with beautiful buildings in an exotic style.
  • One should get their special body massage while you’re there.
  • You can take food with you to anywhere. As Samoan customs are very relaxed about packaged foods. So people took salami, cheese, crackers, nuts, olives, chips and muesli bars with them easily.

5. Palau Islands

Palau consists of more than 200 islands scattered on a 640 km long strip. Its islands are mostly volcanic in origin, but there are also many coral ones. The four largest islands are Koror, Malakal, Rok and Peleliu volcanic. They are framed by a barrier reef, outside of which there are other islands.

Reason to choose the Palau Islands

  • There are three hundred forty islands of volcanic and coral origin and know as one of the youngest countries in the world.
  • It has a variety of underwater impressions: walls, currents, wrecks, underwater caves, channels, macro-places, night dives, good transparency, and warm water.
  • There are large schools of fish and an abundance of pelagic inhabitants.
  • It has stunning landscapes, with blue lagoons and the incredible atmosphere.
  • The climate on the islands is tropical, with classical wet and dry periods

6. Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Espiritu Santo is better known as Santo Island. It is the largest of the Vanuatu islands. It does not have any industrial and virtually no infrastructure. As there is wonderful diving, some amazing and extraordinarily beautiful beaches of the archipelago.

Reason to choose the Espiritu Santo

  • The island was discovered in 1606 by a Spanish expedition led by Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernández de Queiroch, who gave him the name.
  • Espiritu Santo is famous for the beautiful Champagne beach with pink sand and clear water, and pleasure boats often anchor in Luganville, the capital of the province.
  • Peanuts, cocoa, coffee, and fish are the famous food of this island.

7. Lord Howe Island, Australia

Lord Howe is an Australian volcanic boomerang island located in the Tasman Sea. This unique place is today the main tourist location for travelers who visit the Green Continent. Lord Howe is approximately 20 million years old, which automatically makes it one of the most ancient volcanic islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Reason to choose the Lord Howe Island

  • Lord Howe’s isolation allows the island to have a unique ecosystem with rare plant, insect and bird species found only here.
  • The landscape of Lord Howe Island includes caves, two high mountains overlooking an idyllic lagoon, beautiful crescent-shaped beaches, forests teeming with hiking trails, and the southernmost coral reef on the planet.
  • Here, everyday sunset filled the sky with colors and it begins to look like parrot fish, many times a rainbow is also seen across the island.

8. Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

This island is near to Australia. There are more group of islands with a tropical climate, fabulously beautiful beaches and unique nature in New Caledonia. On the coast of the azure ocean, there are also many comfortable hotels built which are ready to receive guests all year round.

Reason to choose the Isle of Pines

  • This is the place to get to forget about the noise and bustle of the city, enjoy the resort relaxation and exploring the sights.
  • The main attraction and the reason to visit this island is the stunning beauty of the Pacific coast
  • Kuto Beach is a great place on the Isle of Pines that is most suitable for swimming and sunbathing.

9. Kokomo Island, FIJI

Paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – the island of Fiji. If you value privacy, want to break away from reality and visit a truly exotic place, then rest in Fiji is what you need.

Reason to choose the Kokomo Island

  • There are evergreen islands with the purest sand and the warm transparent sea, that a fulfill city dweller needs.
  • There are many hotels of different classes, developed for tourist infrastructure. They all are not far from Nadi airport, which is very convenient in terms of logistics.
  • Tourists love to visit the beautiful forests, waterfalls and countless beaches. Here, true connoisseurs of scenic wildlife love to stay.
  • One of the most picturesque settlements, whose inhabitants keep the ancient traditions of their culture.
  • The islands of Fiji are an amazing and unique place for tourism and surely it will fall into the top ten of the most exotic places on our beautiful planet.
  • The islands of Fiji is filled with romance abounds and considered as ultimate honeymoon escape for the love birds.

Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Chile

Easter Island is associated with something mysterious – and not surprising: it is famous for its huge stone statues, arranged in a row along the coast. They look with painted eyes into the ocean, and they are both eerie and fascinating.

Reason to choose the Easter Island

  • Polynesian society flourished in this unique place after the hardy people conducted a fleet of wooden canoes with portable oarlocks to this tiny speck in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Easter Island has a unique landscape with volcanic craters, lava formations, shining blue water, beaches, low hills, cattle farms and many archaeological sites, most of them devoted to the study of moai figures.
  • There two statues Poike and Ahu Tahai are remarkable, with amazing eye shapes and stone hairstyles.

As the exotic islands are rightly called a paradise on the planet. these places are incredible and fabulous! So, rest on exotic islands guarantees tourists a great mood, unforgettable, vivid impressions! Visiting these places you will surely forget all worries!!!

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