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8 Simple Food Truck Marketing Strategies

Food Truck Marketing Strategies

Food trucks are profitable ventures and need little or no investment. They can be easily used to make a small fortune in little amount of time. Permits can be obtained with much more ease, and people are likely to take the product which is available for quick consumption – especially if you are parked at a thoroughfare or an event. Here are eight strategies to make it work.

  1. Get Involved in Events That Are Relevant to You

    Getting involved in events increases your corporate footprint. Look for events that involve a crowd which is likely to buy your product. For example, if you sell fast food, you might find a lot of popularity among students from university, or a youthful crowd. Events are better than regular advertising because they offer an opportunity for your brand to be tested and experienced on the spot, apart from the usual banners and hoardings put up.

  2. Run an Online Presence That Should Suit Your Image

    Online is the new front for success. You need to focus on building an online image for yourself. This can be achieved in a number of ways – through social media campaigns, through online contests and through witty content that viewers will appreciate. Try to boost your posts on popular platforms such as social media sites or even through advertisements. Having an online presence boosts the image of your brand and helps you succeed over your peers.

  1. Get Good People to Say Good Things About Your Brand

    If you develop any loyal customers, you should ask them to inspire their friends and close ones to try out your brand. By letting people refer your brand to their contacts and acquaintances, you will be allowing a larger customer base for yourself. Request people to give you reviews and offer discounts and coupons to those who manage to help you succeed. This is an important part of expanding.

  2. Advertise in Places Where People Will See

    Try to advertise cleverly. Spending large sums on advertisements will not help. Advertisements are effective in places where people can interact with them. For example, you can try advertising in malls or in food courts where people generally look for options in terms of food. The other advantage is that your truck itself can be painted with the brand’s logo to serve as a moving advertisement.

  3. Run A Loyalty Programme For Customers

    Reward loyalty. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as by allowing customers to be mentioned on your social media accounts or by providing them gift coupons.

  4. Run an Online Marketing Campaign

    Look for an online marketing campaign before you launch a new product. This helps create a hype about new products, while simultaneously creating an image for your brand. Go on and choose something fresh that you can put on your menu. Advertise your products on sites that can further your sales. For example, you can try international classified ad platform Truck1.

  5. Work on Customer Feedback and Improve Your Product

    Choose a system to record feedback. When customers give you feedback, it provides you the source to begin improving the product. Remember to ask customers to write you reviews, as these provide support to your brand.

  6. Work on Partnerships and Corporate Tie-Ups

    Partnerships are a great way to progress. These allow you to have more corporate partners who may then provide you leverage in the market. Approach corporates and provide a business plan which may help mutually.

Food trucks spare the need to focus on location, as you can simply drive to where the crowd is. Materials and logistics can be significantly cheaper, as you won’t have to spend any extra amount on shipping. With a small team, you can take your little truck around the locality or city and catch your customers. With these business strategies, you are sure to have a grip into the market around you, so try them right away!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - 8 Simple Food Truck Marketing Strategies
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