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Do Online Sales Funnels Really Work?

A coin has two sides, meaning that every concept has its’ supporter and opponent. Hard to believe but sales funnels have skeptics who don’t believe they deliver the results. They hate hearing about sales funnels and how they connect thousands of businesses to their real buyers and how entrepreneurs grow their brands.

A simple trip to ClickFunnels website will save you a lot of time on research to debunk this skepticism. Every testimonial comes from the heart and actual results. FiveFunnel will also help you recognize the benefits of online sales funnels and prove that they do work.

What makes the funnels different from a traditional website?

Sales funnel is a lot larger concept than a website. Sales funnel is a system of steps that includes the creation of a website with links, buttons, and call-to-action content.

The whole process works to deliver the potential customers (leads) to the sales page and offer them the big proposal. A website is just there and does nothing without specific marketing strategies. Sales funnel nurtures and guides the leads to their preferred results.

What do a successful sales funnel need?

In the marketing world, we call these essential ingredients the three Fs.

  • Foundation: Foundation is a website. A website that attracts the visitors with attention-grabbing headlines, attractive information and more.
  • Follow-up: Follow-up is an after-engagement-job. It occurs after the engagement of the website visitor or even after the sale is made. It’s a type of email funnel and retargeting ads.
  • Fuel: Fuel is… fuel. It’s what keeps you motivated and going even faster than before. We call traffic fuel. It is the result of combining the foundation and the follow-up ingredients.

How sales funnels get results?

  • It helps you build the KLT: KLT stands for Know Like Trust. It describes the process of attracting new customers and knowing them. It continues with making them like your business and trusting you. In the end, they always come back for more to the trusted source of satisfaction.
  • It’s easier to target the audience: Now your content has a purpose, and the audience really wants to read it. The biggest problem of targeting is an uninterested audience. With sales funnel types (like a survey funnel) you will be able to determine who’s the right buyer and what do they want.
  • You’re building a perfect relationship with the customer: Up-front customer support, communication in between and follow-up care will ensure the maximum levels of trust between you and the customers.
  • It allows you to scale the results and see what’s best for future development: Funnels are great for scaling the results. You will be able to see what works the best, what do the visitors respond to the most and how you can improve your interaction with the audience. After that, you can safely concentrate on doing what you love.

Online sales funnels work magic. They connect businesses and entrepreneurs with their potential customers and help them build an effective relationship. It shows how a business can be oriented on the customer more than on growing the income.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Do Online Sales Funnels Really Work?
Emma London

Emma London

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