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These Are The Top 10 Countries With The Most Efficient Education Sectors, 2018

Unsurprisingly, China’s education system is the most efficient in the world, based on the expenditure on education per capita and results on the PISA and GMAT tests. Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a very influential international assessment administered by the OECD.

In the first place is China. It achieves 209 points more on the two tests (PISA & GMAT) than expected. Rounding out the top five are Vietnam, Singapore, Georgia, and Poland. Poland’s performance is exceptional given per capita income ($27,764) that is significantly below its OECD peers.

These are the top ten countries whose educational outcomes most exceed statistical predictions:

1. China
GDP (PPP): $15,339
PISA surplus: 115
GMAT surplus: 94
Combined: 209

2. Vietnam
GDP (PPP): $6,429
PISA surplus: 93
GMAT surplus: 63
Combined: 156

3. Singapore
GDP (PPP): $90,151
PISA surplus: 60
GMAT surplus: 72
Combined: 131

4. Georgia
GDP (PPP): $10,044
PISA surplus: 22
GMAT surplus: 106
Combined: 128

5. Poland
GDP (PPP): $27,764
PISA surplus: 39
GMAT surplus: 69
Combined: 108

6. New Zealand
GDP (PPP): $37,294
PISA surplus: 18
GMAT surplus: 83
Combined: 101

7. Russia
GDP (PPP): $26,490
PISA surplus: 40
GMAT surplus: 53
Combined: 93

8. South Korea
GDP (PPP): $37,740
PISA surplus: 41
GMAT surplus: 49
Combined: 90

9. Japan
GDP (PPP): $41,275
PISA surplus: 61
GMAT surplus: 28
Combined: 89

10. Slovenia
GDP (PPP): $32,085
PISA surplus: 34
GMAT surplus: 50
Combined: 84

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