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Israel Based Startup Tailor Brands is Transforming the Branding Business

The millennials are no longer attracted to the cushy lifestyle that comes with a stable job. They want to take risks and create an identity of their own. This is one the reasons why the startup industry is booming.

While the fact that more and more people want to do good for the society by offering innovative products and create jobs has to be appreciated, it’s also worth noting that the entrepreneurs are now becoming smarter and use the new-age technologies whenever possible. This holds true for company branding as well.

Where does Tailor Brands comes in?

Tailor Brands is a tech startup as well one of a kind platform that allows you to address and fulfill all your branding needs, let it be your company logo or social posts, brand development or branding analytics, all under one roof.

What makes Tailor Brands leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors is its proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that rests at the core of its branding suite. It’s novel, super-efficient and super-fast. Most importantly- it’s priced ridiculously low which is why even the small businesses are now able to enjoy enterprise-level branding services.

What inspired them?

A large number of technologies that we have been using for years have now matured and reached new heights. Today, we have a software for everything- one to do your taxes, another to market your business, etc. In fact, we have software like BuildFire that allows you to create your own software (apps) without having any knowledge of coding and programming!

Yali Saar, CEO of Tailor Brands, noticed that although a large number of business processes are facilitated with technologies today, branding has been largely left untouched for some reason. He also realized that the young entrepreneurs of the current generation are unhappy with the traditional branding technologies because of:

  1. High turnaround time

Graphics designers like to take their time in creating a company logo and that’s a big problem for the small businesses that seek instant results. Even more disappointing is the fact that even after days of waiting, the end product may not necessarily appeal to the entrepreneur, which means another round of waiting while the designers modify the product.

  1. Poor Results

The growing demand of branding services have led to the rise of new graphics designers and agencies, including freelancers. However, few are skilled or experienced enough to provide a good service.

A lot of times you just have to settle with whatever you are provided. Besides, the majority of branding agencies allow for only a limited number of revisions of their designs.

  1. High Costs

Branding is extremely important for every business, whether it’s big or small. However, the costs are quite high for the present day. In fact, a logo design alone can set a business back by a few hundred dollars. But branding is an ongoing process, and you need related services on a continued basis, which means you have to make room for these costs in your monthly budget.

What’s the transformation?

With just one product, Tailor Brands solved all the problems of the traditional branding services. It’s AI-backed service hits the nail right on the head as it allows a user to create a unique and appealing company logo within minutes and enjoy other best-in-class branding services at unbelievable prices.

AI is the secret weapon of Tailor Brands which is able to deliver results that surpass the human intellect. The program takes only a few inputs related to the kind of company logo you want and uses the information to create outstanding results in less than a minute.

Tailor Brands also offers a subscription plan for only $9.99 per month, which easily fits into the budget of any small business. However, under this, they can avail the entire gamut of branding services- logo creation, website landing page, watermarks, business decks, and more!

AI is one of the most popular and powerful technologies available today. Just take a look at Sophia, the first robot citizen.

You can use AI for a variety of purposes, and now you can use it for branding too, thanks to Tailor Brands!

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