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World’s 15 Richest Cities In 2017: New York, London, And Tokyo, Tops List

With a total wealth of $3 trillion, New York, the economic hub of the United States, became the wealthiest city in the world, according to the New World Wealth.

London followed America’s financial capital, New York, with a total wealth of $2.7 trillion — Tokyo (3rd, $2.5 trillion), San Francisco Bay area (4th, $2.3 trillion), and Beijing in China (5th, $2.2 trillion), says a report.

Others in the top 10 richest cities around the globe list include:  Shanghai (6th, $2 trillion), Los Angeles (7th, $1.4 trillion), Hong Kong (8th, $1.3 trillion), Sydney in Australia (9th, $1 trillion), and Singapore (10th, $1 trillion).

The total wealth of a city includes the private wealth of all individuals in the city. The government funds are excluded from the figures.

Additionally, Chicago was ranked 11th on the list with $988 billion wealth, followed by India’s financial capital Mumbai (12th richest city in the world) – with a total wealth of $950 billion. Surprisingly though, Paris came in 15th with $860 billion.

The leaders running the biggest cities in the world are competing to label their city the “next Silicon Valley.”

From New York to Singapore, London to Mumbai, there’s a race to create the “next Silicon Valley” that will lure the very best minds and investors with the deepest pockets.

The 15 richest cities in the world:

  1. New York (United States): $3 trillion
  2. London (United Kingdom): $2.7 trillion
  3. Tokyo (Japan): $2.5 trillion
  4. San Francisco Bay area (United States): $2.3 trillion

  5. Beijing (China): $2.2 trillion

  6. Shanghai (China): $2 trillion

  7. Los Angeles (United States): $1.4 trillion

  8. Hong Kong: $1.3 trillion

  9. Sydney (Australia): $1 trillion

  10. Singapore: $1 trillion

  11. Chicago (United States): $988 billion

  12. Mumbai (India): $944 billion

  13. Toronto (Canada): $944 billion

  14. Frankfurt (Germany): $912 billion

  15. Paris (France): $860 billion


Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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