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The 15 Most Popular Car Models That Americans Tend To Keep The Longest

Behold, the mighty Toyota Highlander! It’s no surprise that Toyota Highlander ranked number one on the list of the fifteen most popular car models that Americans tend to keep the longest, according to an iSeeCars survey.

It is worth noting that, fourteen of the top fifteen cars predicted to last more than 15 years are Japanese brands, except for German Volkswagen. There are no U.S. brands here, though of course some of these cars are made in the United States.

Toyota models dominated the list taking out the top five spots. The automotive research firm analyzed more than 650,000 cars from the 1981-2002 model years sold last year.

The Toyota Highlander ranked No. 1 on the list with more than 18% of original owners keeping their car for at least 15 years, followed by Toyota’s Sienna, Tundra, Prius, and RAV4.

These are the top 15 cars that American drivers tend to keep the longest:

  1. Toyota Highlander
  2. Toyota Sienna
  3. Toyota Tundra
  4. Toyota Prius
  5. Toyota RAV4
  6. Honda Odyssey
  7. Toyota Sequoia
  8. Toyota Tacoma
  9. Honda CR-V
  10. Toyota Avalon
  11. Acura MDX
  12. Toyota Camry
  13. Subaru Forester
  14. Nissan Frontier
  15. Volkswagen Golf

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