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5 British Institutions Rank Among The 100 Most Innovative Universities In The World For 2017

Imperial College London came 15th in the world and first in the UK in the Reuters 100 most innovative colleges and universities in the world for 2017. Overall, 5 UK institutions made the list of 100 universities, This is compared to America, which had 49 institutions feature in the rankings.

US universities also made up 8 of the top 10 places, with the Stanford taking the number one spot. Imperial College London is the highest ranked British institution in the list.

Stanford, MIT, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and KU Leuven score a podium finish.

Publication introduced Imperial College in London as “one and only British university in the top 20,” the ranking looks at factors such as patents filed, as well as the number of articles in scholarly journals, patent success and percent of patents cited.

Other British universities to make the list include the University of Cambridge which placed 26th, the University of Oxford at NO. 31, University College London at NO. 67, and the University of Manchester which ranked 80th.

Which British universities make the world rankings?

1. Imperial College London
Global rank: #15
Students: 15,317
Academic Staff: 1,347
Total Patents Filed between 2010 and 2015: 281
Patents Granted: 27.8%
Notable alumni: Chew Choon Seng, CEO of Singapore Airlines; Danny Lui, founder of Lenovo; Cyrus Mistry, former chairman of Tata Group; and Ian Read, CEO of Pfizer.

2. University of Cambridge
Global rank: #26
Students: 18,977
Academic Staff: 1,646
Total Patents Filed between 2010 and 2015: 234
Patents Granted: 35.99%
Notable alumni: Xin Zhang, founder and CEO of SOHO China; Thomson Corporation’s David Thomson, Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP; Dorabji Tata (Caius), Indian industrialist and philanthropis; and many members of the Rothschild family.

3. University of Oxford
Global rank: #31
Students: 19,790
Academic Staff: 1,862
Total Patents Filed between 2010 and 2015: 443
Patents Granted: 24.4%
Notable alumni: Rod Eddington, Director News Corporation; Mohamed A. El-Erian, CEO and CIO of PIMCO; Sergio Ermotti, Group CEO of UBS; and Antony Jenkins, CEO of Barclays PLC.

4. University College London
Global rank: #67
Students: 38,000
Academic Staff: 11,000
Total Patents Filed between 2010 and 2015: 210
Patents Granted: 27.6%
Notable alumni: Mahatma Gandhi, Alexander Graham Bell, Francis Crick, William Stanley Jevons, and Sir William Ramsay.

5. University of Manchester
Global rank: #80
Students: 34,469
Academic Staff: 2,585
Total Patents Filed between 2010 and 2015: 122
Patents Granted: 30.3%
Notable alumni: John Dalton, George E. Davis, Marie Stopes, Alan Turing, and Joseph E. Stiglitz.


  1. Stanford University (US)
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT (US)
  3. Harvard University (US)
  4. University of Pennsylvania (US)
  5. KU Leuven (Belgium)
  6. KAIST (South Korea)
  7. University of Washington (US)
  8. University of Michigan System (US)
  9. University of Texas System (US)
  10. Vanderbilt University (US)

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