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Here Are The Top 30 Brands Millennials Love The Most, 2017

And it turns out Apple is the most favorite brand for Millennials, with Nike and Samsung representing this demographic’s 2nd- and 3rd-most popular brands, according to new study from St. Louis, Miss.-based agency Moosylvania.

Rounding out the top 5 are Target and Amazon. Sony, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Coke and Google were next on the list.

The brand building agency asked thousands of millennial consumers to name their 3 most favorite brands.

Apple is Millennials’ No. 1 brand.

For more insight, here are the 30 brands Millennials love the most

  1. Apple
  2. Nike
  3. Samsung
  4. Target
  5. Amazon
  6. Sony
  7. Wal-Mart
  8. Microsoft
  9. Coca-Cola
  10. Google
  11. Adidas
  12. Nintendo
  13. Pepsi
  14. Starbucks
  15. Victoria’s Secret
  16. Ford
  17. Forever 21
  18. Jordan
  19. American Eagle
  20. Disney
  21. Old Navy
  22. Toyota
  23. Under Armour
  24. Express
  25. Kohl’s
  26. LG Corporation
  27. Chevrolet
  28. McDonald’s
  29. Hot Topic
  30. Macy’s

Infographic: Top 30 Brands Millennials Love The Most 2017

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