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Countries Leading The world On Executions, 2016 List

China, once again, lead the list of top executioners, followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Pakistan, according to the human rights watchdog Amnesty International.

The report revealed that at least 1,032 were executed by death penalty in 2016 in 23 nations, down from 1,634 in 25 nations in 2015.

Executions worldwide slide 37% in 2016.

The figure of 1,032 excludes China’s executions which the advocacy organization believes numbers into the thousands.

China offers no statistics on its use of the death penalty, with the figures considered a state secret.

Iran ranked 2nd on the list with at least 567 executions in 2016. Saudi Arabia was 3rd with 154, followed by Iraq with 88 and Pakistan with 87.

The fall in executions worldwide was largely driven by a reduction in Iran, where they were down 42% last year from at least 977 to at least 567, and Pakistan, down 73% from 326 to 87.

A tiny island country in Micronesia, Nauru and the Republic of Benin joined 101 other countries in 2016 in abolishing the death penalty for all crimes.

11 countries leading the world in executions:

  1. China (thousands)
  2. Iran (at least 567)
  3. Saudi Arabia (at least 154)
  4. Iraq (at least 88)
  5. Pakistan (at least 87)
  6. Egypt (at least 44)
  7. US (at least 20)
  8. Somalia (at least 14)
  9. Bangladesh (at least 10)
  10. Malaysia (at least 9)
  11. Afghanistan (at least 6)

Global executions in 2016

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