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10 Most Popular Holiday Destinations For Chinese Tourists, 2016

Not surprisingly, Australia is the number one choice among tourists from China for their next holiday, according to the Chinese International Travel Monitor 2016. Next is Japan, followed by Hong Kong, South Korea, and the Maldives.

Taiwan ranked 10th after Thailand (6th), Singapore (7th), Macau (8th), and France (9th) among preferred Chinese tourist destinations, according to the survey.

When it comes to a wish list of countries to visit in the next 12 months. Here are the top ten destinations:

1. Australia (15%)
2. Japan (13%)

3. Hong Kong (11%)
4. South Korea (7%)

5. Maldives (6%)
6. Thailand (4%)

7. Singapore (4%)
8. Macau (4%)

9. France (3%)
10. Taiwan (3%)

Chinese travelers: Top 5 Most Popular Destinations for Shopping:

Hong Kong was the number one choice for shopping, followed by Japan and South Korea.

1. Hong Kong (25%)
2. Japan (21%)
3. South Korea (12%)
4. Australia (5%)
5. Macau (5%)

10 Most Welcoming Chinese Travelers

When it comes to the countries seen by Chinese travelers as the most welcoming, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong came out tops.

1. Japan
2. South Korea
3. Hong Kong
4. Australia
5. Thailand
6. France
7. Maldives
8. Brazil
9. USA
10. Singapore

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