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The Benefits of Enterprise Search

Enterprise search is used by companies of all sizes, and it comes with a number of benefits. This is true for internal usage, as well as for external usage on a website, for example. Let’s examine some of the most important advantages that enterprise search is able to offer.

1. Improved Decision Making

First, you will find that having access to all of the data quickly and efficiently can help to improve a company’s decision making process. Instead of taking ages to sift through the data, as they would have to do in the past, they are able to have fast access, which means they can make the right decision in less time. In addition, they aren’t taking stabs in the dark just to make a fast decision. They are getting information they need from actual data, such as financial reports, sales records, and much more. This can be helpful for many different departments in the business, from the executives to marketing, and others.

2. Increased Productivity

Having an enterprise search solution in your company ensures that people are spending less time looking for information. In some cases, they could be saving around 30% of the time it would have taken them in the past, and this translates nicely into more productivity and less wasted time. It also means employees will not have to waste time trying to recreate documents that they fear were lost in the system. Everything will be a click away.

3. Better Customer Service

Quality search systems can offer some excellent benefits for the customers as well. First, consider the potential external use of a search system on your website. This will allow the customers to find information to commonly asked questions and problems quickly and easily, so they do not actually have to contact the company for support. This reduces the number of incoming calls and emails, making everyone happier.

In addition, when the customers do call with a problem, having access to a search system will ensure the employees who are working with the customers and clients have an easier time of finding exactly what they need quickly. This has the potential to help your company save some money, as you will be spending less on the call center.

4. Cost Effective

One of the worries that companies have when they are considering choosing an enterprise search tool is the cost of the system and of implementing it, not to mention the time it will take to train their employees. Even though the initial cost might seem high to some, a number of companies report that they are able to recoup the investment in about a year. Of course, since each company is different, and each system may have a different price, the actual time for recouping the cost can vary. However, when used properly, this system really does pay for itself. Consider the benefits we’ve already discussed. You are able to decrease the amount of time it takes to make decisions, increase productivity, and improve customer service. Combined, they more than make up for the initial cost of the system.

Are There Disadvantages To Using Enterprise Search?

Really, there are very few disadvantages to using enterprise search. The only potential problem that a company might face is with the initial implementation. It can take some time for those who are using the system to get a good feel for it and to understand how to use it to their best advantage. To alleviate this potential issue, it is a good idea to make sure everyone who needs to use the system has training on it, and that they have a source that they can contact for any questions they might have regarding the enterprise search.

Some companies fear security breaches, and they worry that an enterprise search system could leave them vulnerable. That’s not the case though, as they often have security modules built into them. You may be able to add additional security later. This ensures that only those employees and users who need to have access to certain information will be able to get it. You can set protocols for each of the users so they have access to certain areas of the system and not others. This reduces the risk of an employee getting into files that he or she has no business accessing.

Choosing the Right System

Now that you can see all of the potential benefits that working with these types of search systems can offer, it becomes clear that your business could benefit. However, you may not have any idea of what you need or how you should go about choosing the right system. Fortunately, it is not too difficult, although you will likely want to speak with the managers and executives to get a better idea of what people will actually need and benefit from the most.

You need to know the types of information and data you will not only be collecting, but that you will be searching for the most often. You need a system that will make finding the right data as simple and fast as possible. Even though they may be searching for a wide variety of data, chances are they spend the bulk of their time trying to find certain types of company information. The search system you choose should be capable of handling that type of data.

It is also important to know how the employees will access the data and how it will be reported. How robust are the search features and what do they offer? You do not need to have all the bells and whistles, but you do want to make sure you have all your bases covered. In addition, you want to work with a system that is scalable and that can grow along with your company, ensuring you don’t have to switch to a different system a couple of years down the road.

Take your time, do your research, and find the best enterprise search system to implement into your business.


Author: Mike Miranda writes about enterprise software and covers products offered by software companies like Rocket Software about topics such as Terminal Emulation, Legacy Modernization, Enterprise Search, Big Data and Enterprise Mobility.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - The Benefits of Enterprise Search
Mike Miranda
Mike Miranda writes about enterprise software and covers products offered by software companies like Rocket Software about topics such as Terminal Emulation, Legacy Modernization, Enterprise Search, Big Data and Enterprise Mobility.