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Europe’s 23 Most Affordable Cities To Rent An Office, Report 2016

Romania’s capital Bucharest tops the list of the cheapest cities in the Europe to rent an office, where $100 million will buy you over 350,000 square feet, according to global cities report 2016 by the Knight Frank and Newmark Grubb Knight Frank.

The index takes into account how much prime office square footage $100 million will buy you in European cities. Following Bucharest in 2nd place is the Hungarian capital, Budapest, where $100 million will get you 290,000 sq.ft. Just behind, in 3rd, is Lisbon, Portugal’s hilly capital with 276,000 sq.ft.

How much prime office square footage $100 million will buy you in European cities – Europe’s 23 most affordable cities to rent an office:

1. Bucharest 367,000 square feet
2. Budapest 290,000 square feet
3. Lisbon 276,000 square feet
4. Prague 244,000 square feet
5. Warsaw 218,000 square feet
6. Brussels 185,000 square feet
7. Copenhagen 180,000 square feet
8. Amsterdam 157,000 square feet
9. Vienna 153,000 square feet
10. Berlin 147,000 square feet
11. Moscow 139,000 square feet
12. Helsinki 128,000 square feet
13. Madrid 125,000 square feet
14. Istanbul 121,000 square feet
15. Frankfurt 94,000 square feet
16. Munich 93,000 square feet
17. Milan 91,000 square feet
18. Oslo 88,000 square feet
19. Stockholm 82,000 square feet
20. Dublin 79,000 square feet
21. Paris 45,000 square feet
22. Zurich 44,000 square feet
23. London 39,000 square feet

Note: Square footage for $100 million.

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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