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Meet the Technology That’s Making it Easier to Manage Client Events

Events are an incredible tool for marketing and sales teams. Eighty-seven percent of all professionals believe that face-to-face meetings are essential for clinching business deals and they’re right. By creating an environment to build relationships with new prospects and engage (and even upsell) current customers, events offer multiple touchpoints and unparalleled face time with your customers to help accelerate sales and generate leads.

While events are incredibly valuable, planning and managing them requires a lot of time and effort that most professionals today just don’t have. Luckily, technologies have emerged to help alleviate some of this burden. However the landscape of event management technologies is extremely fragmented. You can find vendors to help with digital invitations or digital ticketing and check-in, but there was no single solution to help professionals manage events from start to finish.

Recognizing this need, Kapow created an online marketplace of corporate events to make planning easier for companies from start to finish. Professionals browse Kapow.com for a list of unique, pre-packaged corporate events in their city then select and book the one that fits their company’s needs. After visiting the marketplace, professionals are provided with the Kapow Account, a single tool to manage the entire lifecycle of their events.

Before the Event

Customers, clients, prospects, partners and friends of the firm. These people are the reason you host client events in the first place. We understand how important it is to get the right people to your event. With the Kapow Account, planners can craft and manage their guest lists, send digital invitations and track RSVPs all in one place. Once an attendee has RSVPed they are given the option to connect with the event host via LinkedIn and, once they’ve connected, view others attending the event.

During the Event

How are you checking in your guests at client events? If it’s with an Excel spreadsheet and a highlighter you need to step into the digital age. With the Kapow Account, check-in is digital. Users can check guests in from any device – smartphone, tablet or laptop. With a simpler check-in process, hosts are able to spend less time behind the scenes and more time interacting with their guests. The Kapow Account also enables planners to identify VIPs and triggers notifications once those special guests arrive. This enables planners to guarantee those VIPs get face time with the right individuals from your company.

After the Event

Events aren’t over once the guests head home. The Kapow Account continues to support clients once their event has passed. Users can evaluate event success based on the metrics provided in Kapow’s post-event reports which includes information on attendance, cost per attendee, and the total number LinkedIn connections that your invitations generated.

We know that it takes time and effort to properly plan a client event. Since our founding in 2012, we’ve been dedicated to making it simpler for professionals to book and manage their events. By centralizing the many tools necessary to properly host and leverage events, Kapow is making it possible for busy professionals to spend less time managing events and more time focusing on what matters most – building meaningful relationships with clients and prospects.

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By Nicole Lavin, Vice President of US Operations at Kapow.

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Nicole Lavin
Nicole Lavin, Vice President of US Operations at Kapow. Kapow connects companies with venues to book unique client events online in real-time. Kapow's a curated marketplace offers a more efficient way for companies to book events designed to acquire, engage and retain clients.
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