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Women In Top Leadership: Friendliest Places For Female Executives In The United States 2014

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Not surprisingly, Dover, Delaware ranks number one in a leading database marketing company’s list of “the friendliest places in America for female executives,” followed by Palo Alto, Calif. and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The altogether unexpected study by Nebraska-based Infogroup Targeting Solutions, ranked U.S. cities based on their percentages of companies having at least one woman in an executive position.

Where are the best places for women who want to rise up the ranks?

The lengthy survey looked at 466-thousand businesses of at least 100 employees in 12-thousand cities across America, found that only 27% of them have women in top leadership positions.

In fact, Dover, Delaware topped the list, with 44.8% of companies having at least one female executive and home to numerous tech firms, Palo Alto, California was 2nd, with 42.3% of companies having at least one female executive.

Percentage of companies having at least one woman in an executive position — Friendliest place in America for female executives:

1. Dover, 44.8 percent

2. Palo Alto, California, 42.3 percent

3. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 41.5 percent

4. Washington, D.C., 41.1 percent

5. (tie) Bethesda, Maryland, 41.0 percent

5. (tie) New Haven, Connecticut, 41.0 percent

7. Menlo Park, California, 40.9 percent

8. Frankfort, Kentucky, 40.6 percent

9. Williamsburg, Virginia, 40.5 percent

10. Emeryville, California, 40.4 percent

The study concluded, Silicon Valley is pretty friendly toward female executives in America – 6 cities in the Silicon Valley are included in the top 50 U.S. places.

2.Palo Alto, Ca. – 42.3 percent
7.Menlo Park, Calif. – 40.9 percent
10.Emeryville, Ca. – 40.4 percent
45.San Francisco, Ca. – 36 percent
47.Oakland, Ca. – 35.8 percent
48.Redwood City, Ca. – 35.5 percent

An infographic representation of the female exec-friendly cities

Naturally, the results shocked even Andrea Haldeman, senior vice president of sales at Infogroup Targeting Solutions (ITS), a division of Infogroup. “We weren’t sure what to expect, but finding that Silicon Valley had the greatest number of companies with at least one female executive was definitely surprising to me.”

“There’s still not one city that has 50 percent female representation,” Haldeman says. “So we’re making progress, but we’re not there yet.”

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