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15 Best And Worst Cities In The United States For Retirees To Live Comfortably

Tampa, Florida

Surprisingly, Tampa came in at number one among the top destinations in the U.S. for people to retire, and Providence, Rhode Island was No. 150 — worst places to retire.

Which cities are the best for retirement—and which ones are the worst?

Grand Prairie, Texas ranked second, Orlando came in third, St. Petersburg ranked 4th, a study by WalletHub, an online tool for financial analytics suggests, Scottsdale ranked 5th among the country’s best places to retire.

15 Best Cities In the United States For Retirees To Live Comfortably:

1. Tampa, FL

2. Grand Prairie, TX

3. Orlando, FL     7

4. St. Petersburg, FL

5. Scottsdale, AZ

6. Overland Park, KS

7 . Port St. Lucie, FL

8. Cape Coral, FL

9. Plano, TX

10. Peoria, AZ     

11. Colorado Springs, CO

12. Irving, TX

13. Pembroke Pines, FL     

14. Garland, TX

15. Aurora, CO

The worst cities in the U.S. to retire, are Chicago, Ill. (No. 146), New York, N.Y. (No. 147), Philadelphia, Pa. (No. 148), Newark, N.J. (No. 149) and Providence, R.I. (No. 150).

15 worst Cities In the United States For Retirees To Live Comfortably:

135. Milwaukee, WI

136. Boston, MA

137. Fayetteville, NC

138. Buffalo, NY

139. Modesto, CA

140. Fontana, CA

141. Jersey City, NJ

142. Baltimore, MD

143. Fresno, CA

144. Worcester, MA

145. Stockton, CA

146. Chicago, IL

147. New York, NY

148. Philadelphia, PA

149. Newark, NJ

150. Providence, RI

It looked at 25 key metrics to establish the rankings, including cost of living, job opportunities for people 65 and over, health care conditions, quality of life and available recreational activities.

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