CFO Rising West Summit Follows LinkedIn And By Launching “Apply With Monster” Button, the well-known online job marketplace, is following in the footsteps of LinkedIn and by launching “Apply with Monster” button that career sites can place next to listings.

Monster is presumably adopting the one-click apply button for job sites for the same reasons as LinkedIn: to attract more high-quality candidates who may not have resumes ready and efficient application management.

Now, more importantly, what’s exciting about this feature for jobseekers?

So this means a wider pool of applicants, resulting in a tremendous increase in the potential to attract better talent – increase in quantity and better quality of applicants.

The one-click apply button for job sites is available on both desktop and mobile in the US, Canada and across Europe.

“Apply with Monster” became the top third-party application option for ZipRecruiter, an online job distribution service and job board, with 80,000 candidates using it every month.

“It took Monster just three months to become the most used button on our site and by month four it was ahead by 51%,” said Ian Siegel, Cofounder and CEO of ZipRecruiter. “ZipRecruiter has experienced a 13% increase in conversion rates (seekers who apply for jobs) since launching the new capability. Monster just gave us all a lesson in the power of a mature brand.”

Indeed, the ‘Apply with Monster’ facility will overall enhance features of the hiring solution by

Does a candidate gain by using the ‘Apply with Monster’ plug-in?

The Best Social Networking Sites For Finding A Job {infographic}

The Best Social Networking Sites For Finding A Job {infographic}
The Best Social Networking Sites For Finding A Job {infographic}

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