Saturday, February 27, 2021

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7 Biases That Can Undermine Your Legacy

Have you ever witnessed anyone on Facebook posting, “Thanks for your opinions and comments. You’ve certainly changed my mind on this issue”? I haven’t! The noise on Facebook is the clanging of the tribal gongs of moral narcissism. I’m not only right, but you’re wrong and, moreover, I’m right because...
Business Transformation

Being Human

I have been to hundreds of CEO and executive peer advisory group meetings over the past ten years. Of course, from March 2020 to date, 95% of these meetings have been conducted virtually. Regardless of the venue or platform, these gatherings start with a similar exercise -commonly referred to as...
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CEO Spotlight: Michael Garbade of Education Ecosystem on Blockchain and its Scalability

With blockchain technology proving to be revolutionary by day, its real development has been driven by enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who dare. These individuals continue to push the ever evolving blockchain industry forward.  Dr. Michael J. Garbade is one such individual. He is the CEO of Education Ecosystem, a startup in...
CEO Insider

Why Robinhood Should Have Just Told the Truth

Three lessons for CEOs facing crises, scandals, and disasters. The free day-trading app Robinhood is back in the news after sparking a January trading frenzy that blew up the value of GameStop, AMC, and other stocks. Although the many financial details can be confusing, at its core, this story is...
The Big Picture

How Digital Displays Have Changed in the Age of Covid-19: A Roadmap for CEOs

The world has changed since the arrival of Covid-19.  How we interact with computers, particularly displays, may never be the same. Improvements in resolution, color fidelity, and content reproducibility will march on. Eyestrain and screen-time issues will remain at the forefront. And designers will continue to make displays increasingly power...
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