Friday, August 7, 2020

C-Suite Agenda

Craig Bouchard’s Ecolution kWh: Clean Energy and Commercial Trucking

Increased corporate responsibility is propelling changes within various industries. Many companies are committed to sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Forward-thinking leaders are implementing breakthrough technologies to innovate entire sectors. In the quest for clean energy, researchers and entrepreneurs are working diligently to implement new systems. Committed to forwarding clean energy in...
C-Suite Advisory

Smart Experiments For CEOs

Every leader encounters two types of decisions: decisions based on reliable information, and decisions based on highly uncertain assumptions. These scenarios represent the difference between walking across a well-lighted room, and stumbling through a jungle in the dark. I have studied entrepreneurial mindset for more than 20 years, including embedded...
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C-Suite Agenda

Leading the “four generation” workforce.

As a CEO, coach and consultant, I’ve come to love how diversity has evolved our workplace. Diversity in culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation and thinking all bring new perspectives and assist in removing old assumptions. One of the other things I’ve also noticed is how invisible our generational diversity is....
CEO Insider

The Five Attributes of Successful Startup CEOs

Even though every person is different, and every manager has a unique management style, when looking at many of the successful startup CEOs, one finds interesting similarities. These similarities related to their management characteristics can be categorized into five main attributes: They are leaders, not managers When you are a...
Stats Gate

Measurement of Income Tax on Period Profit

Measurement of income tax on period profit, both tax to be paid (resulting from the fiscal accounts) and the one and only real tax burden in the internal documents (management accounting) as well as the tax costs in the published accounts (financial accounting), can all be calculated by means of...
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