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Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia

Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia

With extensive experience both in the business and political worlds, Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia is an adviser focused on business leadership in contemporary culture, and an author, public speaker, and commentator in the international press on the inter-relationship between business and politics.

His latest book is “The New Political Capitalism: How businesses and societies can thrive in a deeply politicized world” (Bloomsbury Business, 2022). Previous books have included “The Death of Liberal Democracy?” and “Backlash: Saving Globalization From Itself.”

He is a founder of RADIX – a not-for-profit public policy think tank, and the RADIX Centre for Business, Politics & Society. His executive experience spanned R&D, marketing, global brand management, strategic planning, industry economics, and public policy. He then founded his own business advisory firm with offices in Cambridge (UK), New York, and Tokyo.

He also acted as a Special Advisor to the Director-General at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and was a member of the Dean's Advisory Board at the College of Arts, Sciences and Education, Florida International University. He is currently on the Advisory Board of the Singapore Forum for long-term investors and business leaders and an External Advisory Board Member at the CEOWORLD magazine.

Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia
Banking and Finance

Success Through Inspiration

Several decades ago, when I was an executive at a major pharmaceutical company, the CEO asked me to go along with him to one of the company’s manufacturing facilities where he was going to give a speech to the assembled workforce. The speech had been written for him by the...
Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia
CEO Debate

ESG: A Window To The Future

“The old is dying and the new is struggling to be born; in this interregnum, a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.” - Antonio Gramsci In a recent leading article about the future of ESG, the Economist magazine accurately observed the current morbid symptoms. It then proceeded to draw the...
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