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Jason T. Smith

Jason T. Smith

Jason T. Smith is an award-winning business and health thought leader, and entrepreneur-of-the-year. He is the founder of the Back In Motion Health Group, the Iceberg Leadership Institute and the SOS Health Foundation. In his new book, Outside-in Downside-Up Leadership (Major Street Publishing $29.95) Jason shares how they found the sweet spot between authentic collaboration and the holy grail of peer accountability in their workplace.
C-Suite Advisory

The Importance Of Purpose In Good Leadership

The world is littered with altruistic vision statements. We marvel at gold-embossed motherhood statements hanging in boardrooms. We pick up full-colour, good quality brochures stacked in reception lounges depicting rich organisational stories. Brand consultants invoice tens of thousands of dollars to help HR directors and senior management teams discover themselves. ...
Executive Education

Beware Workplace Titles

Organizations are nothing if they are not a collection of people organized to achieve great things together. This is at the heart of every company, brand, charity, school, government, and institution. Order, structure, and systemized workflow are expected attributes of a traditional high performing team. As cells of the organ,...